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Fantasy Name Generator Plus Tips in Choosing the Best Fantasy Name

Are you a fantasy novel writer who loves every bit of the writing process except for the part where you have to name your characters? Or maybe you are just curious about what your name can be if you live in a J.R.R. Tolkien novel? If you’re struggling with a fantasy name, then our Free Fantasy Name Generator is here to assist you. 

In Fantasy, everything is made from scratch. From the setting, the plot, and even characters– it requires an exceptionally magical mind to be able to conjure up fictional yet realistic fantasy scenes for any reader to love. 

For our beloved authors and novel writers, we know that there are some tasks about fantasy writing that are hard to relish, like creating fantasy names, maybe? Believe it or not, character names play an integral part in a story’s success, so we understand if it can be frustrating! 

Because of this need, we went ahead and made a Free Fantasy Name Generator. This tool is useful if you’re running out of inspiration for fantasy character names, whether you’re an author or not! 

Oh, and did we mention that this is absolutely free?

How to Use the Fantasy Name Generator

Unlike other name generators out there, we made our tool user-friendly. It only means that even non-techy users can get a hit out of our Fantasy Name Generator! 

Rest assured, our archive is filled up with every fantasy name combination you can think of, so you don’t have to worry about getting repeated name suggestions in every search! 

Step 1: Click on a name category. (Human, Elf, Demon, etc.)
Step 2: Select your preferred name length.
Step 3: Click on the chosen gender.
Step 4: Then press Generate!

Just click on the Generate button several times until you find the name that you want. Although, we suggest that you write down possible names that you see since it’s unlikely that you’ll see (that) specific name again once it popped up on the screen!

Tips on Choosing a Fantasy Name

  • Look out for the sound of your character’s name. Make sure it captures the essence and personality of your character.
  • Depending on your story’s world, you must be strict with specific naming traditions of your choosing. For example, The Lannisters in Game of Thrones are known to show a tendency to names that start with “Ty” (Tywin, Tyrion.)
  • Always keep your audience’s preference in mind. You want your character names to be easy to remember, so don’t choose one that’s hard to pronounce!

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