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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Anyone who has ever written a fictional book or play knows how difficult it is to come up with names. It is a painstaking process that many writers go through to pursue the best names that give character.

As a writer, you would want to focus more on the creative aspect of writing instead of coming up with names. You also want to customize exciting and exciting names to your audience.

Luckily, a tool like a name generator has been specially designed to assist writers in generating thousands of brilliant planet names.

With the planet name generator, you get thousands of practical suggestions for your work. It frees up your mind so that you can focus on writing rather than playing guessing games.

Extraterrestrials And Their Planets

Aliens are fascinating beings. They come in all shapes, sizes, species, and sects.

These species are adapted to their planets of origin.

Some alien species are intelligent beyond human comprehension. Their technology is light-years ahead of our own. 

They are capable of incredible feats such as interstellar travel, manipulating dark matter, and manipulating the space-time continuum.

Not all species of aliens are intelligent. Some are pretty average and dull. These species might function at the same cognitive level as humans. On a scale, human intelligence and ingenuity might be considered quite rudimentary.

Insulting as it might sound, human beings could very well be toward the bottom of the intelligence scale.

Alien planets are more diverse than you can imagine. Some planets are incomprehensively large. They house species that we can only describe as gargantuan.

The aliens on massive planets have evolved to the gravitational requirements of their planets. Species that evolved on earth would be crushed under the atmospheric pressure of such planets.

Other extraterrestrials occupy smaller planets. It stands to reason that these species aren’t as large as those on earth. They have also adapted to their planetary requirements.

Extraterrestrial lifeforms evolved to utilize the composition of air in the atmosphere to sustain their living. 

On earth, we rely on oxygen. The species might rely on a different set of gases on other planets altogether. They might even find oxygen to be toxic.

Just like on earth, extraterrestrial planets have a vast array of species. Some planets have thousands if not millions of different species.

These species rely on each other as we do on earth. They have different relationships as we do on earth. Relationship, in this case, implies symbiosis, predatory, or mutualism. Not all species on an alien planet are of the same level of intelligence. 

Alien species of the same intelligence levels tend to interact with each other. They might enjoy some level of peace and corporation. These species might work together for the mutual benefit of both races.

There are hostile species of aliens who travel the universe conquering other planets and taking them over. They conquer less capable species and dominate their political and social societies. Think of them as the “pirates” of the universe.

Meta intelligent species have evolved beyond the need for governments and monetary institutions. They have overcome the rudimentary need to work long hours for compensation. They have archived a level of automation and technology we can barely fantasize about.

Most of the time, aliens seek uninhabited planets and colonize them. It is especially true for species that live on overpopulated planets.

Alien planets are diverse. Some planets are fully aquatic, with the species living in them also aquatic. They have underwater cities and countries. Some species also live in icy planets, as they have evolved over billions of light-years to do so.

Unsurprisingly, some species look like human beings. The vast nature of the universe can allow for the existence of sun-like stars and planets that look like the earth, with earthlike species. These species may be as intelligent or not as intelligent as human beings.

Beyond our third-dimensional realm, some species live in 2D, 4D, and who knows, 5D planets?

With the vast expansiveness of the universe, who would bet against the existence of extraterrestrial beings.  

Fictional Literature On Extraterrestrial Lifeforms 

There are countless fictional literary pieces on extraterrestrial lifeforms. These pieces take our imagination beyond our realm. The idea of diverse species outside earth is mainstream, and so are the pieces’ artforms.

Though the ideas are mainstream now, the first fictional work on aliens was published in 1956. These were merely illustrative pieces on comic books. The audience was mainly children, but it has since ballooned to people of all ages.

The intrigue surrounding extraterrestrials has further been fueled by conspiracy theorists. The lack of trust in information released by the government surrounding events in Roswell has also got a lot of people thinking.

Here are some of the most popular literature on extraterrestrials:

1. Paolini: To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Paolini is an award-winning novel about a girl’s journey through the universe. 

The protagonist, Kira Navarez, is an avid space explorer. In one of her planetary explorations, she inadvertently stumbles upon a hostile lifeform. The aliens mount a relentless invasion on earth, and it is up to Kira to bring peace to the galaxy.

2. Alechia Dow: The Sound of Stars

The Sound of Stars is set when human technology is advanced enough to make contact with aliens. 

Earth’s leaders and the leaders of the Ilori civilization have a bitter falling out. The events lead to an invasion that causes a devastating number of deaths on earth.

It is up to Janel, and an Ilori named MOR1s to save the planet.

3. Carl Sagan: Contact

Contact is a book about a girl whose belief in the existence of extraterrestrial species turned the scientific community against her. 

She goes to great lengths to prove the existence of aliens, and she eventually manages to make contact.

The government moves to cover up the discovery through blackmail swiftly.

4. Nnedi Okorafor: Lagoon

‘Lagoon’ is a story about the arrival of an extraterrestrial object on the shores of Lagos. The object sends the city into a state of turmoil, as people are unsure of what to do.

It is up to Adaora, Anthony, and Agu to save the city from imploding due to fear and panic.

5. Avi Loeb: Extraterrestrial

It is an insightful piece of literature that stimulates our understanding and conceptualization of the universe. The book is about an alien that orbits the earth. Initially, observers think it was an undetected comet, but the strange obit has folk wondering if there’s more to it.

6. Ray Bradbury: The Martian Chronicles 

The Martian Chronicles is a book about humanity’s perseverance and relentlessness to contact mars. It talks about the multiple failed attempts and the hostility that humans faced at the hands of the Martians. 

7. The Ascension Mysteries

The Ascension Mysteries is a book about how the forces of good and evil have been at odds since the beginning of time. 

The protagonist makes contact will an alien lifeform. The secrets of the universe are revealed to him.

Suggestions For Planet Names

Are you trying to come up with decent planet names? Check out these suggestions:


It is a peaceful planet experiencing great success. The people are united and prosperous.


It is a hostile planet with a utilitarian regime. The people are ruled with an iron fist.


It was once a thriving society on the verge of collapse due to irreversible climate change. 


A breakaway civilization of different extraterrestrials fleeing persecution from their home planets. 


It is a prison planet for the universe’s most dangerous outlaws.


It is a planet rich in minerals without inhabitants. It is fair game for the first species to make contact.


It is an earthlike planet with governments, a functioning society, and a financial system.


A planet housing the most ruthless conquerors in the known universe. 

Phurn 7P

Home to a peaceful species of extraterrestrials.

Trora YG92

An aquatic planet occupied by aquatic species.


A planet abandoned by its inhabitants as its star is on the verge of collapsing.


It is a new planet with sub-intelligent species which are still in the early evolutionary stages.


Home to a reptilian species of extraterrestrial.


It is a beautiful planet with lush forests occupied by a tree-dwelling species of extraterrestrials.


It is a planet full of ruins left behind by a civilization that had run its course.


A toxic radioactive wasteland was left behind after a deadly war.


Coming up with random planet names is a mundane and prosaic task. You could spend hours racking your brain for ideas, only to end up with dull and unimaginative names. There’s no need to fret about finding the best planet names when a name generator is here to assist you.

The planet name generator will lift this unnecessary burden off your shoulders. It provides exciting suggestions; all you have to do is pick the one that resonates with your writing.

A planet name generator is an essential tool for any creative. It is intuitive, fast, and straightforward. Explore it today, and focus on writing rather than guessing.

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