Free Tools, Templates & Graphics

Looking for tools, templates and graphics to explode your book sales? Use the tools below to help in different aspects of your book creation and promotion. All these tools were created by us or by partners we trust.

Free Tools for Authors

Looking for tools, templates and graphics to explode your book sales? Use the tools below to help in different aspects of your book creation and promotion. All these tools were created by us or by partners we trust.

Free Book Trailer Templates

3 Genres Editable With PowerPoint

If you are launching a new book or looking for a fresh new reason to start talking about a previously published one, our 3 awesome book trailer templates are perfect for you. The 3 styles of trailers represent a romance book, action book and children’s book. And they were all created in PowerPoint to ensure that authors like yourself would be able to easily edit them for free and without a large investment of time.

Free Author Rack Card Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

As an author, rack cards are an easy and effective way to attract new readers. When marketing your book with rack cards, you want to use a design that can catch people’s attention. Rack cards are a great promotional tool because they are small, stand out, and are affordable and effective. Grab these well designed and easily editable rack card templates for free.

Free Author Bookmark Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

If you’re a writer looking for a creative way to promote your work, author bookmarks are an excellent choice. Since bookmarks are the go-to method for keeping one’s place in a book, author bookmarks can be a wise marketing tool. With a professional author bookmarks, a writer can promote their website, other books, events, and promotions. Download these free bookmark templates.

Free Author Postcard Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

Postcard marketing still works in this present digital era. In fact, postcards tend to produce better results today than they did in the past – especially when used for generating traffic to a website or obtaining sales leads. For authors, postcards work extremely well when it comes to letting potential customers know about upcoming book signings. Download these effective postcard templates.

Free Author Media-Kit Templates

(Microsoft Word Templates)

Before an author gets that important magazine, newspaper or radio interview, an interviewer will spend time perusing their author media kit. For this reason, book press kits are important to your book marketing efforts! There are companies that offer services to build your media kit for you, and they can cost as much as $1,200. While those services are probably worth it, we created this template for you to download for free.

Ebook Cover Designer


Design an eye-catching cover for your books with our Cover Creator—even without any design skills! This software creates low-resolution mock-ups and ebook covers suitable for products on your site, this software creates perfect covers for WattPad and products your feature on your own site. While amazing and beautiful the covers designed are not high enough resolution to be suitable for Amazon Kindle.


Free Author Logo Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

The Awesome 8 logo collection was created for authors who need a professional logo to brand themselves and their books. Most people with access to graphic editing software will have no problem customizing these logos for their own purposes. You can grab our package of 8 editable author logos for free. Each logo includes both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator versions along with the necessary fonts.

Free Author 3d Mock-ups

(Photoshop Templates)

These realistic are great for highlighting you book in a variety of scenes. These book mock-ups are easily editable using Adobe Photoshop, just open the cover layers and paste or create your cover into the cover section and save, once you save your design will automatically be transformed to fit the book mock-up. Download all of these seven realistic book mock-ups for free.

Free Author Best seller Logos

(Photoshop Templates)

You earned your Amazon best seller status, now with our best seller logos you can easily show off your hard work to the world! Put these editable best seller badges on the cover of your book, printed pieces, postcards, business cards, signs, media kits and more. These logos are available in multiple styles, file formats and sizes. Download these editable Amazon best seller badges for free.

Free Author Cover Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

Each one of these 100+ PSD book cover templates are fully customizable, they only require a program like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp in order to make each one unique to your specific needs. Customizable book templates are a true advantage to any author that would rather devote their time to writing instead of creating a cover. They are quick and easy to use, and free to download.

Book Mockup Creator


Discover the tool that authors and entrepreneurs are using to instantly create amazing realistic product mockups of their books for free! More people use our mockup creator than any other on the internet! This software creates high-resolution mock-ups perfect for promoting and selling your books. Perfect for promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Email Newsletters, GoodReads, Print Materials and more.

Secret List of Top Editors

(PDF Ebook)

NY Times Bestselling authors rely on the help of the best professional editors, but as an author without any major contacts, it can be hard to find the right editor for your project. We have compiled a list of editors that have worked with NewYork Times BestSellers but these amazing editors are available to you too. Many of the editors on the list are surprisingly cost effective, download the contact list for free.

Free Author Web Banner Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

It can be difficult to find creative ways to highlight your book. Now you can promote your masterpiece easily with this great looking web banner set. With five sizes and two styles, these high-quality web banner template files are ready for your book marketing and promotion campaigns. Each PSD file is layered and fully organized. Download these promotional graphics for free.

Free Ebook Dimensions Guide

(Photoshop Templates)

You finished your newest book and the first printed copy just arrived in the mail, and now it’s time to format your awesome cover to fit all the ebook marketplaces. But it’s tough to tell what is expected of you, because every company you want to submit to has different requirements. What makes it worse is that they change requirements every few years – so use this free template to make sure everything is correct.

Free Author Branding Mock-Ups

(Photoshop Templates)

No matter what kind of promotional materials you decide to design and include in your book marketing campaign, the Brand Your Book Photoshop mock-up gives you a professional way to display all your book promotional materials in one easy-to-use aesthetic graphic. These graphics are great for your websites, book signings, book banners and any other place you would like to show off your marketing materials.

The free software and simple apps below were all created by us to solve problems that many authors face or have to pay money for elsewhere.

Free Book Title Generator


You just crafted four-hundred pages of award-worthy literature, or your non-fiction book is going to change the way the world sees your genre, but you’re stuck! Stuck on that seemingly small afterthought that we call a title. There are formulas and methods for trying to come up with good titles, but it is still a lot of guesswork. If this is you, then our free Book Title Generator will help jump-start your creative juices.

ISBN Barcode Generator


This free ISBN barcode generator is has all the features of it’s paid counterparts but is designed to be an elegant no-brainer solution to ISBN barcode creation. The ISBN barcode generator makes it easier than ever to create an ISBN barcode for free. We have used plenty of barcode generators and have did our best to remove all the troubling guesswork usually associated with these apps.

Old to New ISBN Number Conversion


The 10-digit ISBN number format has been in use as the standard for books since 1970, however a restructuring of the ISBN system required all new books to use the new 13-digit format. If you have just purchased a new ISBN number you will have received the correct 13-digit format, however if you are using an ISBN number purchased before 2007 then you will need to make use of our ISBN converter.

Book Detective – Crack Sales Rank


What does the Amazon Sales Rank on a book page mean? Amazon uses a proprietary algorithm for calculating the rank for each book in the Kindle marketplace. Using our sales rank calculator will help you crack the code, and find out additional information about titles within a category in the Amazon Kindle store. The Book Detective, provides reporting on various pieces of information about the book.


Book Spine Width Calculator


Our Book width calculator is simple to use, and calculating the spine width of your Amazon, Ingram Spaark or Lulu POD book just takes seconds. Simply enter the number of pages, select the type of paper, and calculate the spine width for an instant, accurate result. Use our width calculator to save time and to ensure that your spine dimensions are accurate when you create your print-ready cover artwork.

How Many Pages Is My Book?


Our book page calculator figures out how many pages your book will contain from your word count. Simply select your word print size, book genre and then enter your word count and press “Calculate Number of Pages”. Not only will our tool tell you how many pages your book is, it will also compare your book to others in your genre as well as whether your book classifies as a Short Story, Novella, or Novel etc.

Free Book Business Card Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

There’s just something about a business card that’s personal, and keeps your contact information at a person’s fingertips. For an author giving away business cards with their book url on them is the perfect way to spread word about your book. Whether you decide to highlight yourself as an author or highlight your book for promotion we have free templates for both.

Capitalize Your Title


If you have questions about whether that pesky “it”, “from”, “or”, and “a” should be capitalized on your title then search no further. There is nothing more embarrassing than publishing your book and having the title capitalization incorrect. There are so many capitalization methods that you can follow for titles and each one takes work to figure what should be capitalized and what shouldn’t. Look no further than the “Capitalizer!”

Free Author Facebook Timelines

(Photoshop Templates)

If you are an author, it’s hard to have a great Facebook page without an eye-catching cover photo for your timeline. If you are interested in engaging new and old readers through your author Facebook page, you will need to have a well-designed timeline cover that relays the correct message. Grab these two fully editable timeline templates perfectly designed to promote your book.

Free Book Sell Sheet Templates

(Photoshop Templates)

Book sell sheets are one of the most timelessly effective ways of promoting an author brand. When designed correctly, they are an effective way to gain new readers. As an author, you can tap into this common marketing trend and use book sell sheets and flyers to promote your books and related events. Download these to give your sell sheet or book flyer a professional feel.