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Free Bookmark Templates for Authors

Most book readers utilize bookmarks to mark pages where they left off, for easier access the next time they read their books. And more often than not, it’s a great marketing tool that’s disregarded by authors. Perhaps, because designing a bookmark could cost a lot. But not anymore. Read on to check our FREE bookmark templates for authors like you. We’re sure you can use them on your next book promotion event and launchings.


Bookmark Templates For Authors

With author bookmark templates, a writer can promote their website, other books, events, and promotions. If you’re a writer looking for a creative way to promote your work, author bookmarks are an excellent choice. The truth is, people still read traditional paper and hardcover books and what better way to hold your place in their favorite book than by using a bookmark. Right? Since bookmarks are the go-to method for keeping one’s place in a book, author bookmarks can be a wise marketing tool and a great giveaway during book signings, too!

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Author bookmarks can contain the same information found on a business card or flyer and can serve as a way to keep your customers connected with your projects and upcoming titles. You can even include a call to action on your author bookmarks, urging readers to sign up for email updates, join your book club, follow you on social networking sites or social media platforms.

Before we get to our bookmark templates, here are a few examples of how other authors have promoted their books with bookmarks:

Free Bookmark with Purchase Promotion

You can run a promotion where you give your readers a free bookmark highlighting a different book than the one they just purchased.

Since bookmark printing is relatively inexpensive, this can be a great way to market to your readers and potentially boost your percentage of repeat buyers.

Promote your Website

By adding your website address to your author bookmark, readers will have quick access to your website information and are more readily able to share the link with friends and family.

Add a Call to Action

Use your author bookmark to urge your readers to take a specific action, whether it’s signing up for your email list, joining a book club, or leaving an online review of your book.

Promote your Social Networking Sites

Just about everyone uses some form of social networking these days, keep your readers in the loop about how they can connect with you on various social networking platforms.

Show off Images, Book Illustrations, and Visually Appealing Graphics

An author bookmark is also a great way to show off photos, book art illustrations, or inspirational pictures. You can even add a responsive graphics – such as a QR code – that will allow the reader to go directly to your website or blog.

Author bookmark Template and Examples

Below are author and book bookmarks with some notes about what makes them stand out.


Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

It’s tempting to always want to do a two-sided bookmark design, but one-sided bookmarks are cheaper and provide plenty of room for handwritten messages on the back.

Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

If you don’t leave the back blank you can still sign your bookmarks with a gel pen

Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

Most author bookmarks have the whole book cover on them so if you can fill your entire bookmark with a larger image of a character from your book it can provide a more custom designed feel to the bookmark

Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

Simple and bright stands out in stark contrast to the pages

Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

Putting well-known quotes from people the potential reader is familiar with can make them more likely to read your book.

Free Author Bookmark Template and Bookmark Ideas

Learn How to Create Custom Bookmarks in Microsoft Word

Learn how to create custom bookmarks for yourself, to give as gifts, or to offer as free by Tech Gramma by Julie Pfeifer


Use our free bookmark templates as part of your book marketing or next book launch. They’re great for any author’s exposure since they are not only cost-effective but also gives enough customer value in the long-run. You can also use these templates for your cover design or make them into personalized bookmarks that you can share to anyone.

For any other book needs that you might have, feel free to check our FREE TOOLS here.

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