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A remainder mark is an ink stamp or perforated hole placed on the spine or binding of a book to indicate that it has been remaindered, or sold at a discount because it is remaindered. A book that has been remaindered is usually one that has been remaindered by the publisher, not the author. The publisher may remainder a book for a number of reasons, including poor sales, overstock, or because the book is out of print. Once a book has been remaindered, it is usually sold at a discount of 50% or more off the original retail price.

Remainder marks are used to indicate that a book is remaindered, meaning that it is being sold at a discount because it is no longer being published. The purpose of a remainder mark is to identify a book as a remainder so that customers know they are getting a bargain. Remainder marks are usually found on the bottom of the book’s spine or on the back cover.

There are a few different types of remainder marks, but the most common is the black dot. This is a small black dot that is placed on the spine of the book, usually near the bottom. The black dot remainder mark is usually only used by large bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble and Borders. When a book is remaindered by a large bookstore, it is usually because the book did not sell well and the store is trying to get rid of its inventory.

As a book publisher, it is important to use remainder marks in order to sell your overstocked, remaindered, or used books. By marking these books with a remainder mark, you are able to sell them at a discounted price, which allows you to get rid of them quickly and free up space for new inventory. In addition, by offering these books at a discount, you are able to attract new customers who may not have purchased your books at full price. Therefore, remainder marks are an important tool for book publishers and should be used when selling overstocked, remaindered, or used books.

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