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An edge is the outside boundary of a book. It is also known as the fore-edge, tail or foot. The head is the top edge of a book.

The term “gutter” is used to describe the space between the pages and the binding on the inside of the book’s edge. This space is necessary so that the pages can lay flat when the book is open.

The pages of a book are usually cut on a slight curve so that they open more easily. This curve is called the deckle edge.

Some books have ornamental edges. This decoration is usually gold or silver leaf, and is applied by a gilder. Ornamental edges are found on some old books, particularly those printed in the early days of printing, and on some modern fine press books.

Edges can be affected by the environment. If a book is stored in an area with high humidity, the pages may curl or wave. If a book is stored in an area with very low humidity, the pages may become brittle and crack.

Edges are an important part of books for a variety of reasons. They help to protect the pages from damage, they can be used to bookmark a page, and they can add to the aesthetic appeal of a book. In addition, edges can be used to create different effects when reading, such as allowing for a gradual reveal of text or providing a frame for the page. Overall, edges are a essential part of the book-making process and can contribute significantly to the experience of reading.

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