7 Productivity Hacks for Authors

Guest Post by Dave Chesson

Writing isn’t easy, and it’s not made any easier by outside distractions, whether it’s your family coming for a visit, a pandemic, or a deadline that’s putting a little too much pressure on you. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan for getting and staying productive.  In this article, we’ll take a look at […]

The 6 W’s of an Awesome Author’s Network

The how-to of building an effective author's network!

author networking

Most book marketing efforts focus on connecting and engaging with potential readers, which makes sense.  They are the end-consumer of your writing.  But if you just focus on your readers, you miss out on the most powerful connections that can support your author career: your fellow authors Putting your focus on building a robust and […]

Split-Testing Book Cover Designs and Titles

Which Book Cover and Title Should I Use?

Figuring out which book cover design or title to use can be a daunting task. The harsh truth is that potential readers will judge your cover and its title.  The cover and title tell so much about your book: if you fail to entice the reader in these two important areas, then what reason do […]

Split-Testing Book Cover Designs and Titles

The Ultimate List of Superpowers and How to Use Them in Your Novel

Create amazing characters for your book or comic

list of superpowers

All writers at one time or another have struggled with character development for their stories. There are so many different types of superpowers and abilities to choose from. But developing the nuances of a superhero with a backstory, abilities, and moral boundaries is even more difficult. This list of SuperPowers and strategic writing tips will […]

Effective Book Promotion

Start promoting your book early

Book promotion is basically a marketing strategy for selling books. Book promotion may be one of the most difficult tasks of publishing a book. However, it is worth knowing that this action would bring your book more visible to your target readers, thus, increasing your chance of becoming a successful writer.

Effective Book Promotion