Writer’s Block: What Is It and How Can I Avoid It?

Ever get inspired to write a potential bestseller and ends up staring at a blank screen or paper for hours? That’s writer’s block. It’s a serious affliction that happens to all writers at some point in their creative process. Even legendary writers like Ernest Hemingway admitted to experiencing writer’s block too! In this post, we’re […]

Understanding The Difference Between Fiction And Fantasy

There’s a thin line of differentiating between a fictional and a fantasy work that could be prose, play, or poetry. However, both fiction and fantasy are genres of literature, but fantasy is a subgenre of fiction. Over the years, both have gained good recognition in our society and reading list due to the post-medieval authors’ […]


Is Nonfiction Real Or Fake? Check Out The Answer 

Is nonfiction real or fake?  There are various ways to construe or describe the literary genre of nonfiction. It is a genre called by many different names, depending on its presentation and the individual defining it. Some of these names are imaginative Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, Literary Journalism, narrative nonfiction, literary Nonfiction, Lyric Essay, Personal Essay, […]