We have a lot of free tools and software on this website, if you want to support the creation of even more free content while gaining access to even more in-depth publishing secrets and tools then consider purchasing one of the premium paid products below which are all created by our team!

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Make Amazing Mockup Images, GIFS, & Videos

All famous authors have beautiful images of their books to get their audience flooding into their purchase pages. But the staff, time and money they put into this makes it unreachable for average authors. Well now you can create mockup images, GIFS and even videos of your book that outperform these "experts" and it will take less than 8 seconds of your time. Grab it today and save time and money all while increasing your book sales.


AI Software for Authors

QuickWrite is a powerful author-focused AI that helps you rapidly complete both creative and mundane tasks in a fraction of the time. This AI assists you in writing, brainstorming, marketing, and admin tasks. QuickWrite is cloud-based software you access from your browser and use to create virtually limitless amounts of content. QuickWrite is the futuristic, life-changing, research-doing, word-writing, magical tool that allows authors to get their books written 10X faster.

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Professional Author Software

Imagine having one-login where you can create everything your book needs to succeed. Where you can create your book covers, social media graphics, print and ebook layouts. Where you can build your website, get feedback on publishing decisions, make book trailers. Create strategic marketing campaigns and so much more. AuthorLab is a premium platform for creating books and an author brand that actually works.