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We have a lot of free tools and software on this website, if you want to support the creation of even more free content while gaining access to even more in-depth publishing secrets and tools then consider purchasing one of the premium paid products below which are all created by us or people we trust!

Quick Covers

Professional Book Cover Designs

Focus on what really matters: your book. Create beautiful, genre-relevant book covers without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to designers. Own a cover created by award-winning cover designers whose artwork graces the covers of books on every bestseller list and bookstores all over the world.


Submit Your Book to Traditional Publishers

Join legendary literary agent and author Mike Larsen as he helps authors who want to pitch their books before they think about publishing. In our Proposal and Manuscript template bundle, you’ll get a Word template that will ensure your book proposal is in the right format and on target for submission.

Book Layout

Interior Book Design Templates

Laying out a book can be difficult for non-designers and expensive if you hire a layout artist to do it for you. These high-quality interior book templates will help your book look great and compete with the bestsellers in your genre without paying an arm and a leg! Editable with Microsoft Word on either Mac or PC.

Book Keyword Research

Make More Money Selecting the Right Keywords

This easy to use software only costs a one time fee of $97 and helps authors validate their book ideas by giving them profitable kindle niches and keywords to target. It works on both Mac and PC and will help you by telling you how much money other books are making, how many people type that phrase into Amazon per month (which is huge), and how competitive it is.

Book Trailers

Easy to Edit Book Trailers

Our high quality book trailer templates are for any author hoping to bring a little more visibility to their book without having to spend lots of money on video production or fancy software. Over 40 professionally designed high-quality templates representing many genres and all editable with PowerPoint.


Write Press Releases to Sell More Books

This Press Release Masterclass tutorial and 15 handy, done-for-you templates, will help you write perfect press releases every time. Use it to promote your book launch, share your awards, and make money. The tutorial and templates were created especially for you by Publicity Expert Joan Stewart.

Author Ad Pack

Author Ad Training and Templates

Getting the word out is the difference in being a flop or a bestseller. No matter the platform, ads are one of the best ways of getting the word out for your book. The Author Ad Pack includes training on creating ads alongside world-class ad templates spreading over tons of genres and formats.

Better Book Series

Design and Promote Your Series

Get everything you need to garner attention for your trilogy or book series. With the tools in this package you’ll be able to increase the reach of your books and, ultimately, make more sales that’ll grow your brand. Includes over 30 book cover templates, 12 promotional ad templates and 15 series mockups.

Author Media Kits

Get More Attention For Your Book

Written specifically for indie authors and covering everything from naming your business to releasing your inner entrepreneur. The Publishing Business in a Box will walk you through operating a business, including setting up your publishing business, and advice on how to best utilize your business model.

Author Media Kits

Get More Attention For Your Book

Your media kit can make or break your marketing efforts. Before you get important interviews, the interviewer must first be impressed with your your book and the best way to do that is by using an awesome media kit. These customizable media kits will perfectly compliment whatever genre you write in.