Our Team

CJ McDaniel

CEO & Founder

Charity McDaniel


Loren Garcia

Project & Support Manager

Glyndon Greer

Affiliate Manager

Christine Magboo

Content Writer

Darlene Baqueque

Support & Social Media

Dokis Pena

Graphic Designer

Hussnain Sheikh


About Us

Adazing helps authors, writers, and entrepreneurs connect with their audiences online by equipping them with resources, effective strategies, and state-of-the-art software designed to streamline complex tasks and make hard things easier.

Our roots are embedded in supporting independent authors, major publishers, and New York Times Bestsellers from around the world. We play an instrumental role in increasing readership for their books while driving sales of them as tangible success stories.

Our expertise, however, extends beyond publishing. We fuel websites and businesses, helping them to unlock and reach their maximum online potential. Our distinguishing trait is that we don't merely theorize; we actively build and grow businesses and brands. It's not just about meeting our business goals; it's about ensuring that the advice you receive is grounded in practical experience and success.

This hands-on approach has enabled us to construct a vast network of websites across diverse markets. Collectively, these platforms attract over a million visitors every month and have generated millions in revenue.

When we offer advice on selling a book, you can take comfort in the fact that it stems from our experience of nurturing a massive reader base from the ground up. If we discuss email list building, it's because we've cultivated our own list of over 300,000 subscribers. When we share insights on YouTube strategies, it's based on our journey of building YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

At Adazing, we aren't purveyors of outdated knowledge or obsolete products. We stand on the frontlines, deciphering what works best in an ever-evolving digital landscape, and sharing our insights to save you the trial and error.

What Users Are Saying


We absolutely LOVE
Adazing! Their products have easily saved us at least 20 hours and hundreds (if not thousands)
of dollars in the past few months. It's probably my favorite tool that we use!

Matt McWilliams

I’ve been subscribed to publishing gurus forever. CJ is the only guru left that I follow. I look forward to his emails that are never filled with fluff or sales pitches. His information is valuable and the free resources are great!

Jodie Randisi

In a sea of marketing offers and get rich quick schemes...
I was so happy to find CJ. What he offers should easily cost more, but his heart to help and serve is evident in the gift and passion of his offerings.

Matt Crump