Why I believe in the power of your book

Your book is important, you know how I know? I know because there is a soldier in a dangerous combat zone, willing to do anything to get their mind off the danger, intensity of the sun and the taste of sand in their mouth. The only refuge capable of sheltering them from the isolation and boredom when off-duty is to escape into a fiction book.

There is a parent whose new child was born with severe brain damage, and as they sit there late into the night praying that she will continue to breath, that one inspirational book is the only thing giving them hope in those dark moments.

These are very specific examples because they are ones that I have lived through, but I am not alone; there are countless others who need your book right now to escape, encourage or advise them on life issues. Your book is powerful and important!  I believe that there are people right now whose lives will be happier, more creative, driven and inspired all for reading your book. For that reason it’s really important that your book gets to the masses. And that is why I created Adazing; I want to share with you everything I know about making successful books that people will read and rave about.

Who Am I?

CJ McDanielMy name is CJ McDaniel and I’ve spent the majority of my life working with authors and publishers to bring beautiful books with inspiring stories to the world.

I’ve designed books and marketing plans for celebrities, presidential speechwriters, world-renowned authors and even New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best selling authors.

Crafting a brilliant story is something that most aren’t trying to accomplish, and that is why you are my hero. Without you this world is a much dimmer place!