5 Positive Mindset Rules for Successful Authors

Guest Post by Dave Chesson

5 Positive Mindset Rules for Successful Authors Writing good books isn’t just about getting the words down on the page. That’s a huge part of being an author, obviously, but even more important is maintaining a positive mindset. When your career, life, and rent depends on you producing words, you can’t let a ‘down day’ […]

The Ultimate List of Superpowers and How to Use Them in Your Novel

Create amazing characters for your book or comic

list of superpowers

All writers at one time or another have struggled with character development for their stories. But developing the nuances of a superhero with a backstory, abilities, and moral boundaries is even more difficult. This list of SuperPowers and strategic writing tips will equip you to write well-rounded heroes or villains for your novel, comics, and […]

SuperPower Generator – Simplify Power Creation for Novels and Comics

Get a Randomly Generated SuperPower for Your Hero or Villain

Our Superpower Generator makes it easy for authors to come up with unique power combinations for heroes and villains in their stories and comics. One of the things that takes up a significant amount of time when writing superhero based novels or comics is figuring out what combinations of powers to impart to your heroes […]

superpower generator

Superhero Name Generator & Hero Naming Tips!

Get unique hero name suggestions in just seconds

superhero name generator

Are you having a hard time coming up with superhero names in your superhero fantasy novel or comic? No worries! In this article, we are going to cover a couple of effective superhero name writing tips. We are also going to feature our very own Superhero Name Generator for those who want to generate random superhero […]

Free Book Trailer Maker

Free Book Trailer Templates With Instructions

I know there is all kinds of debate about whether author book trailers are worth the cost, whether they are worth the time and whether they increase book sales. I’m here to tell you that yes, they are worth it! And the truth is, using our book trailer maker templates you can create a pretty […]

Free Book Trailer Maker Templates by Genre

Author Media Kit Tips and Free Template

Professional Author Media Kit Editable with Microsoft Word

author media kit for book promotion

Before an author gets that all-important magazine, newspaper or radio interview, an interviewer will probably spend time perusing the author’s media kit. For this reason, media kits are really important to your book marketing efforts! There are lot of companies that offer services to build your media kit for you, and they can cost as much as $1,200. While those services are probably worth it, we tried to save you some time and money by building a world-class editable media kit for free (if you are ready to go ahead and download it, you can skip straight to it).