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Laptop displaying a selection of free sell sheet templates for authors and publishers, with a backdrop of assorted book spines.
by CJ McDaniel // December 20  

Using book sell sheets are one of the most timelessly effective ways to promote your brand. When done correctly, they are an effective way to easily gain new customers and prospects. As an author, you can tap into this common marketing trend and use book sell sheets and flyers to promote your books and related events. Flyers are inexpensive and they allow you to present a visual presentation along with a clear message to your audience.

Here are 7 tips to remember when using book flyers and sell sheets to market your work.

  1. Keep your Flyer Design Simple

Many times, you’ll see marketers crowding every piece of information they can think of on one 8.5” x 11” or “4 x 6” flyer. As an author, it’s better to keep things simple. Only discuss a couple of your latest titles or upcoming events. It’s better to include detailed information about a couple of things than to have bits of partial information about a lot of things on your sell sheet.

  1. Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews on Your Book Flyers

Adding testimonials and reviews to your flyer gives you credibility as an author and builds trust with your audience. In fact, use testimonials in all of your marketing campaigns, not just with flyer promotion. Include a small photo and or name of the person who wrote the testimonial for extra credibility.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard with Your Book Sell Sheet Design

By using too many fonts, graphics, and crazy color schemes, you have the potential of turning your potential customer away from your flyer, rather than engaging them. Keep your book flyer design simple by only using a maximum of 3 fonts, a limited number of high resolution graphics, and use colors that complement each other. Don’t overdo it with graphics and images that obstruct the clarity of any text on your book flyer.

  1. Print Your Book Flyers in Full Color if Possible

Flyers with vibrant colors almost always stand out from plain black and white flyers. When you compare a black and white flyer to a flyer printed in full color, the color flyer will almost always stand out. If you don’t have the budget for full color printing, use brightly colored printing paper with bold black text to make sure your flyer stands out. Use paper colors such as bright pink, yellow, or green to make sure your message stands out.

  1. Use Professional Printing Services, or Copy from the Original

While it may be cost effective to print one design in color and photocopy the rest, you run the risk of producing a flyer with low print quality – which is less attractive. Professional printing gives your flyer a professional look, whereas photocopied flyers tend to look cheap. Fortunately, there are many professional printing companies that provide affordable flyer printing services that work great for printing book sell sheets.

  1. Include a Discount or Coupon on Your Flyer if Applicable

It’s a known fact that people love to save money. Having a coupon or discount listed on your flyer can help you get better engagement due to the offer of savings. For example, you could offer a discount on the purchase of your latest book. Be sure to include а nice clear photo of the product on sale, if available.

  1. Make it Easy to Contact You

I’m sure at some point you’ve seen a flyer that was well designed and engaging, but the contact information was not provided, or was hard to locate on the flyer. Many people make this mistake when printing flyers. They either forget to include a phone number, address, or website address. Make sure you include clear instructions on how to contact you or how to take advantage of your promotion. Also, make sure any call to action are larger in size than the other text on your flyer.

Book sell sheets ideas and examples

Looking online it is hard to find book sell sheets with any creative flair. Below are book sell sheet examples that standout from their bland competition while still being professional.

Book Sell Sheet Ideas and examples
Clean colors and easy to read text make Jack Canfield’s sell sheet elegant and appealing


Samples of book sell sheet and book flyers
You don’t have to be sparse on text to have a great design, this sell sheet is packed with information while at the same time looking professional


Creative example of book flyers
Don’t be afraid to be creative so many sell sheets look alike, that book stores and potential readers might read yours through just because it is different
Full color book flyer
This sell sheet immediately connects you to its genre, the faster you can grab a readers attention the longer you will hold it

Free Photoshop Book Sell Sheet Templates

Below are two fully editable Photoshop book sell sheet templates that we have created that you can use to give your sell sheet or book flyer a professional feel.

Free PSD template of book sell sheet design

This fully editable sell sheet was designed with a business book in mind but would be great for almost any genre

Free Photoshop template of book sell sheet flyer

This editable sell sheet can almost immediately be repurposed for any fiction or non-fiction book by simply swapping out the background image

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CJ grew up admiring books. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!