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Free ISBN Barcode Generator

Create and Download an ISBN Barcode for Free

The free ISBN barcode generator makes it easier than ever to create an ISBN barcode for free. We have used plenty of barcode generators and have did our best to take out all the guesswork from our version. We hope you find it easy to use

Free ISBN Barcode Generator – Frequently Asked Questions

This generator is designed to be a no-brainer solution to ISBN barcode creation. If you have any questions or issues with the steps, the below info should help.

Why should I use’s free ISBN barcode generator?

Our free barcode generator is refreshingly simple to use. You don’t need to understand and use a complicated formula to generate a 5 digit number for the price of your book, the new ISBN barcode generator simply has a ‘price’ box that you fill in with the retail price you choose and the generator does the hard part. Also, you don’t need to know what CMYK or RGB color value to use, because you can simply pick the color you wish to use and the rest is done for you.

In short, the new ISBN generator takes the hassle out of generating the barcodes you need. It has a simple, elegant design that even the complete novice will understand and will make generating ISBN barcodes a breeze. Give it a try and see for yourself! If you need a cover created for your book let us know!

What is the book retail price?

Additional to your ISBN barcode, there is an optional price add-on code that allows book retailers to know the price of your book when scanned. The retail price shows up as a smaller barcode to the right of your ISBN barcode. If you do not want the retail price add-on code to show next to your ISBN barcode, then leave these fields blank.

What is the barcode color option?

The barcode color option controls the color of both the text on the barcode and the barcode itself. Barcodes are traditionally black, but they can be printed and scanned in other colors. Find your color preference in the selector and then press "OK".

What is the font and text size options?

The barcode generator allows you to select the font and text size for your barcode. To edit these attributes, simply select your preference from the two drop down menus. A 9pt font size is the standard used in most barcodes.

What Countries can you generate ISBN barcodes for?

Our ISBN barcode generator can create barcodes registered in all countries, however we are only able to validate the accuracy of numbers registered in the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Israel and Singapore. All this means is that if you enter a code registered in another country you need to make sure that you enter your ISBN number exactly as it was given to you including hyphenation. If you enter the numbers and hyphenation correctly then your barcode will be created correctly.

Where do I get an ISBN Number?

To create an ISBN barcode, you need to first purchase your 13-digit ISBN number. ISBN numbers are a series of thirteen numbers separated by hyphens. If you do not yet have an ISBN number, you will need to purchase one from Bowker.

What is the difference between a bar code and an ISBN?
An ISBN is a 13-digit number assigned as a unique identifier for an individual book. An ISBN bar code is the graphic consisting of vertical lines that when scanned identifies the book. An ISBN and a barcode are two different things.

Potential Errors

Why do I keep getting the error: "It looks like the ISBN number you entered could not generate a valid barcode."?

You most likely received this error for one of the following reasons:

A) The ISBN number was entered without hyphenation (all ISBN numbers must be hyphenated to generate correctly.)

B) Characters were entered other than numbers and dashes (letters or special characters are not allowed in valid ISBN numbers.)

C) Your ISBN number was not the expected length (valid ISBN numbers are always 13 digits.)