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by CJ McDaniel // October 28  

To qualify for a Best Seller Logo an author needs the status of Amazon Best Seller. It is a credential that once accomplished can be used forever. As such, it should be proudly displayed on your website and any promotional materials you develop.

When you’ve accomplished something as significant as becoming a best seller in this competitive market, you should strive to herald that accomplishment wherever and whenever possible. Your Amazon Best Seller logos can be an important part of your branding and promotion. Your reader may not know it took sales of 100-500 books in a day to reach that status, but what they do know is that the book is a good gamble to spend their hard-earned money on. It is a stamp of approval that the reader looks for. And it doesn’t matter if you are an overall bestseller or a best seller in a particular genre. The reader just wants you to be the best.

On the cover of your book is a good start for placement; even if the book drops down from best seller status, it will be known every time someone checks the book out. On your website, it should appear as prominently as possible And on everything related to your book, you as an author, and your sales in general.. On printed collateral pieces, it should appear on postcards, business cards, signs and media kits. At book signings, you have added clout by showing you are a best-selling author if you have signage with this logo on it. Since there are three logos, you can use them in several different contexts. You are a best-selling author, with a bestselling book and a best seller.

You earned your best seller status, now you can easily show off all your hard work to the world!

You can click on the seal of your choice below and download a web safe png or a print-ready vector version. The seals are gold or silver and will serve to enhance your image, no matter where they are placed. Using the Amazon Best Seller logos will help to continue your success in all your future efforts.


• These are not official Amazon seals but graphics created by us to service the many authors looking for a prominent way to display the status that they have worked so hard for.
•You have full and complete rights to use these logos how you see fit without giving us credit
•If you are using one of these seals on your website you will want to use the .png version
•If you are sending these to a designer to put on your book they will need the eps version of the file

best selling author logobest selling author


best seller logoblue and silver amazon best seller logo

green and gold amazon best seller logogreen amazon best seller logo

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