Should Authors Still Use Postcards to Promote their Books?

by CJ McDaniel // May 27  

Postcards Are Still Useful

For authors, postcards work extremely well when it comes to letting potential customers know about upcoming book signings. You might be surprised to hear that postcard marketing still works in this present digital era. In fact, postcards tend to produce better results today than they did in the past – especially when used for generating traffic to a website or obtaining sales leads. One of the reasons that postcards are so effective is that they attract people and are almost always seen. For instance, have you ever discarded a postcard without at least skimming over the front and back? It’s almost impossible to do!

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Postcards are small in size, making them easy to distribute and cheap to print. Most are about 4 х 6 inches in size, which means your message must be brief. Plus, postcards get delivered without an envelope, so your message is automatically visible. This guarantees that your postcard will have maximum exposure and many recipients will actually get a chance to see and at least look over your message.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t try to close sales with а postcard. In most cases, there’s not enough space on it to provide all of the information needed to close sales. Instead, design your author postcard to attract potential readers’ attention and draw them in to wanting to know more. Be sure to include a call to action leading the reader to get more information from a source where you can close sales or capture leads – like your website or by calling you.

Postcard marketing offers a number of other major benefits for marketers –, especially for authors. Here are just a few of them:

1. Creating Effective Marketing Postcards is Easy

You don’t need any special skill to create an author postcard that will generate a big response. The key is to create a simple but attractive layout for your postcard so that it can be quickly and easily read and understood. For example, start with a brief headline to get the reader’s attention. Include a list of a few of your promotion’s major benefits, and provide clear instructions on how interested parties can get in touch with you or subscribe to your promotion.

2. The Cost of Marketing with Postcards is Very Low

The cost of material used to make typical 4” х 6” or similar sized postcards is very low. At you can get 2,000 postcards printed on front and back for less than a hundred dollars. Even the process of mailing them is simple and inexpensive. Currently, the postage rate is only 35 cents per postcard.

3. Postcards Can Produce Fast Results

Since postcards are easy to create, print, and send, you can get them into your audience’s mailboxes fast. They will receive them in a few days if you send them via the special reduced First Class postage rate for postcards. As your postcards begin to circulate, you can expect to see fast results – generally within a week after mailing.

If you’ve never used author postcards for marketing and book promotion, now is the time.

 Some design examples and ideas:

Should Authors Still Use Postcards To Promote Their Books?
This author used a postcard to invite people to a launch party, which is a great strategy.

Should Authors Still Use Postcards To Promote Their Books?

Just because you use a postcard size doesn’t mean you have to mail them. Many authors fill the front and back with information and hand out these cards in person or at tradeshows.

If you are mailing a postcard you can still use the address side of the card to put a decent amount of information.
Many authors are scared that no one will show up for a local book signing, so sending postcards to surrounding neighborhoods helps get the word out.
Many authors print cards to send to bookstores and corporate contacts that they have already had contact with; this will remind them about your book and encourage them to place a bulk order.

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When I started my campaign with the Post It note and the postcard, I started getting steady sales. Many of my sales come through Amazon. Over the past three years I have received purchase orders from Amazon on a weekly basis. – John Kremer

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