Juggling Multiple Writing Projects

And actually finishing them!

Some lucky people get inspiration for one book at a time and can concentrate on that book with laser focus until it’s done and ready to publish. At least, I’m assuming they’re out there. I’ve never personally met one. What I HAVE often met is writers who keep getting inspiration for new projects, starting to […]

Vocabulary, repetition, proofreading and editing

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 4

When you are writing, keeping your vocabulary rich and varied is essential, and a thesaurus should be your best friend. Just to illustrate this point, I looked up the simple word ‘walk’, and my online thesaurus offered me the following alternatives: advance, amble, ambulate, canter, escort, exercise, file, foot, go, go on foot, hike, hit […]

Pace, creating a page-turner, and using dialogue

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 3

There are many tricks of the trade to keep your readers interested. You, as a writer, will have a unique ‘voice’, but that isn’t enough. You must become an expert in pace, manipulating how the reader will read your work. Here’s a simple, probably obvious tip. If you are writing descriptive passages, use longer sentences. […]

Getting started, the two most important chapters, and chapter length

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 2

Starting to write a book is pretty daunting, but I’ve learned ways to simplify the whole process. My first piece of advice works for me every time. Get yourself a big, blank sheet of paper, the bigger the better. Use it in ‘landscape’ position and draw a horizontal line straight across the middle. This is […]