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An acquisitions board is a group within a publishing company responsible for deciding which books to acquire and publish. It typically consists of the acquisitions editor as the point person for book acquisition and members from the editorial team who meet regularly to review book proposals before deciding which projects to pursue.

Acquisitions boards exist to ensure that publishing companies acquire and publish books that fit within their mission and marketability parameters, ultimately increasing success rates among readers. Review proposals submitted for consideration; decisions regarding which recommendations to pursue depend on factors like alignment with the mission statement of the publishing company, marketability potential of proposed books, and the likelihood that the book will succeed within the marketplace environment.

A publishing company’s acquisitions board is essential in its publishing process, helping ensure they make wise choices when selecting books to acquire and publish. By guaranteeing these selections support its mission while being likely success stories in the marketplace, the acquisitions board provides the long-term viability of a publishing house.

The Acquisitions Board plays an essential part in the book industry. This Board’s primary function is deciding which books will be published and distributed; representatives from different publishing houses vote on these matters and, should there be disagreement, will call a second vote before reaching their decisions.

The Acquisitions Board is essential in ensuring that only high-quality books are published and those not ready for publication don’t reach readers. Furthermore, this Board’s purpose is to distribute books among publishers evenly.

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