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In book publishing, a remainder is a book that is remaindered, that is, sold at a steep discount because it is remaindered, or no longer needed by the publisher. The publisher may return the remaindered books to the wholesaler, or may sell them to a remainder dealer. In either case, the books are sold at a greatly reduced price, usually far below the original retail price. The vast majority of remaindered books are remaindered because they are unsold books that the publisher has returned to the wholesaler. The publisher may also remainder a book that is out of print. In this case, the publisher is selling off the remaining inventory of a book that is no longer being printed. A small number of books are remaindered because they are damaged, but this is relatively rare.

The term “remainder” can also refer to the small portion of a book’s print run that is not sold to retailers or to libraries. In this case, the remainder of the print run is sold to remainder dealers at a steep discount. The vast majority of books that are remaindered are remaindered because they are unsold books that the publisher has returned to the wholesaler.

Remainder is extremely important when it comes to books and publishing. By definition, remainder is the unsold portion of a print run of a book that is returned to the publisher by the bookseller. While the vast majority of books are sold through traditional channels such as bookstores, a significant number of books are sold through other channels such as online retailers, libraries, and others. In addition, a significant number of books are remaindered, which means they are sold at a deep discount by the publisher in order to clear out inventory.

Remainder plays an important role in the book industry because it allows publishers to offload inventory that is not selling, and it allows booksellers to offer deeply discounted books to customers. In many cases, remaindered books are sold for a fraction of the original retail price, which makes them an excellent value for consumers. In addition, remainder provides an important source of revenue for publishers and booksellers.

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