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by CJ McDaniel // May 26  

A book blog tour is an excellent marketing strategy and also a good opportunity for authors who are about to publish their new books.

Emerging Through The Crowd By A Book Blog Tour

Traditional and self-published authors alike know that their books need exposure to find new readers. Of all the ways for a self-published author to promote their work, book blog tours remain one of the surest ways of gaining interest and awareness in your books.

If you’ve never heard of a book blog tour before, the best way I can think to describe it is like a digital version of a book signing–a place where your target readers are hanging out–so you can meet them and tell them about your book.

Getting The Best Out Of A Book Blog Tour

Book blog tours are comprised of different people’s blogs across the internet that all showcase your book to their followers, who are targeted readers of your genre. Furthermore, a book blog tour allows an author to “appear” on multiple book blogs in a span of 1 to 4 weeks to promote an up-and-coming book. The appearances on these book blogs consist of a variety of online activities for the author, from writing guest blog posts, engaging in interviews, posting book excerpts and more. Consequently, the greater number of guest post blogs you can appear on, particularly from book bloggers, the more you will expand your audience and extend your reach.

How Do These Tours Work?

Blog tours are useful in selling books. But most importantly, the main purpose is to actively get your name out to your potential readers, who then continue to spread the word to their friends.

Therefore, by showing up on several of their favorite blogs on social media, potential readers are more likely to give your book a chance.

Each blog tour stop enables authors to attract lots of new readers and social media fans, with the potential of reaching a worldwide audience and creating a following.

Blog tours are one of the best book marketing strategies around.

On Your Way To Get Global Impact

If you want to get your book known on a global level, a book blog tour is an economical way to market your book to the people who would most like to read it.

Self-published authors aren’t the only ones taking advantage of blog tours. Even large publishers and many bestselling authors are going on interviews from a blog post of bloggers and interviewers from around social media and the web. Moreover, there are many bloggers whose reach extends beyond tens of thousands of readers through blog post… imagine being exposed to their entire group of readers!

The problem is that not all blogs and book tours are the same. However, some blog tours will accept any genre of a book while others are specific to a certain niche. Prices vary, as do the quality of the blogs that participate (naturally, you want to appear on established sites with a solid readership).

Check Out What May Work For You

Below is the most comprehensive list of book tours on the net, featuring every quality book blog tour service that we know of. Not only can you see all the book blog tour services and their genre expertise, but you can see the price of each package and how many blog stops are included. So use the below list to find the best book blog tour service for your budget.

Book Blog Tour Sites Genre Prices
InkSlinger New Adult, Young Adult $120 – 1 week
$195 – 2 weeks
WNL Virtual Book Tours All books under PG-13 rating Two (2) Week Virtual Book Tour ONLY (NO RADIO STOPS) – $199.00
Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours Mostly Suspence and Thriller 350 – month long book tour
Rock Star Book Tours All genres Not on site
Bewitching Book Tours Open to all genres but specializes in paranormal romance,
urban fantasy
$47.50 – Release Days Blitz
$55 – Bewitched Book Blitz Tour
YA Bound Book Tours Young Adult $75 – 15 stops
$100 – 20 stops
$125 – 25 stops
$150 – 30 stops
$175 – 35 stops
$200 – 40 stops
Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours Romance, Mystery/Suspense,Thriller, Fantasy, LGBT,
Young Adult, Inspirational, Non-Fiction
5 Blogs: $95
10 Blogs: $180
15 Blogs: $275
20 Blogs: $370
25 Blogs: $465
Lola’s Blog Tours Fiction Young Adult, Adult and New Adult $140
Safari Heat Book Tours All genres Blog Hop: $25
Read Between the Lines Blog Tour Paranormal, Adult, Young Adult, Steampunk, Dystopian Not on site
Prism Book Tours Young Adult, Christian Fiction, Adult Fiction, New Adult $30/ Day

For themed tours:
2 weeks – $110
1 week – $75

TLC Book Tour All genres Not in the Site
Lady Reader All genres Not in the Site
Book Tango All genres Not in the Site
Lit Fuse Publicity Mostly Christian Books Not in the Site
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Christian Fiction Not in the Site
Xpresso Book Tours Fantasy, Young Adult, Contemporary, Fairy Tales, Romance,
New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Comedy, Suspense
Cover Reveal – $40
Book Blitz – $90
Review Query – $50
Enchanted Book Promotions Romance One week Blog Tour (Monday-Friday) with 5-10 Tour Stops – $95
One week Blog Tour (Monday-Friday) with 10-15 Tour Stops – $145
One week or One Month Blog Tour (Monday-Friday) with 15-20 Tour Stops – $195
One week or One Month Blog Tour (Monday-Friday) with 20-25 Tour Stops – $245
One week, One Month or Two Month Blog Tour (Monday-Friday) with 25+ Tour Stops -$345
Goddess Fish Promotions All genres Standard Virtual Book Tour
5+ stops over one week (weekdays only) – $55
10+ stops over two weeks (weekdays only) – $95
15+ stops over three weeks (weekdays only) – $125
20+ stops over four weeks (weekdays only) – $150
Sage’s Blog Tours All genres Virtual Blog Tour
5-day Tour (Monday-Friday, 5-7 blog stops) – $100
Rockstar Book Tours All genres 10 Stop Blog or Bookstagram Tour- $50
10 Stop Blog Tour with 5 additional Bookstagram Stops-$75
15-20 Stop Blog or Bookstagram Tour- $100
15-20 Stop Blog Tour with 5 to 10 additional Bookstagram Stops-$125
1 Month tour or a Tour with more than 20 stops can be a mix of Blogs & Bookstagram (Release Day Blitz Included Free in this option)- $200
Pump Up Your Book Young Adult / Coming of Age / Contemporary Fiction Not in the Site
Reading Addiction Book Tours All genres $40 – 2 Week Book Tour – ​10 Stops
(Mixture Reviews, Excerpts, Interviews, etc.)
$75 – 1 Month Book Tour – ​20 Stops
(Mixture Reviews, Excerpts, Interviews, etc.)
$110 – 6 Week Book Tour – ​30 Stops
(Mixture Reviews, Excerpts, Interviews, etc.)
$150 – 2 Month Book Tour – ​40 Stops
(Mixture Reviews, Excerpts, Interviews, etc.)
IRead Book Tours All genres Not in the Site
YA Reads Blog Tours Young Adult Fiction 1 Day Book Blitz – $15
Week-Long Book Blitz – $30
Reviews Spread the Word – $40
Reviews Only Tour – $90
The Beginners Tour – $50
The Intermediate Tour – $75
The Advanced Tour – $100
The Supreme Tour – $150
I’m Booked! Tours All genres 1 week, 5 stops – $51
1-2 weeks, 7 stops – $103
2 weeks, 10 stops – $130
1-3 weeks, 15 stops – $195
1-4 weeks, 20 stops – $260
Promotional Book Tours All genres One Week Publicity Tour – $75 + a book themed prize
Two Week Publicity Tour – $125 + a book themed prize
Book R3vi3w Tours All genres


The primary objective of a book blog tour is online exposure and publicity through blog postings. Even more, a book blog tour is also one of the best alternatives for authors who wish to avoid promoting their books in every bookstore around the country.

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