Launch Success


Launch Success: Customized Book Marketing and Selling Plan


This is not only a step-by-step video course but a customized marketing plan that includes bonus reports, software, graphics, how tos and much much more. This course reveals all my secrets and everything that has helped my authors achieve tremendous success.

 This course is designed in a way that is easy to follow yet thorough, I don’t leave anything out. I want you to know all of my secrets, because I firmly believe that once you know what I know you won’t have any trouble becoming a book selling superstar!

In this easy to follow course you will learn:

  • How to use Good Reads to instantly get free exposure to your eBook even if it’s brand new

  • My specific tips and tricks for getting a ton of good reviews on Amazon quickly

  • Proven techniques for getting shelf-space in niche-specific bookstores that guarantee quick and easy sales

  • How to get your hands on a creative and eye-catching book cover that is bound to get people interested in reading it

  • How to avoid the time-consuming process of having to constantly revise your book

  • How to design the inside of your book so that the readers perceive you as a modern author

  • How to use social networks for creating awareness and building a long-term brand

  • How to build your own e-mail list of laser-targeted readers with my simple formula

  • How to push your book’s positive reviews into local newspapers and magazines

  • My secret for using radio interviews for drawing attention to your upcoming book

  • How to successfully launch your very own book and know exactly what to do every step of the launch