ISBN Converter

The ISBN converter takes any older Standard Book Number purchased for any of your books before 2007 and then runs them through a specially designed algorithm that easily and instantly converts them to the new International Standard Book Number protocol. All you have to do to convert your existing ISBN-10 numbers to the new ISBN-13 format is enter a valid ISBN-10 number and then simply press Convert.

Why should I use’s ISBN Converter?

The 10-digit format has been in use as the standard for books since 1970, however a restructuring of the ISBN system required all new books to use the new 13-digit format starting January of 2007. If you have just purchased a new ISBN number you will have received the correct 13-digit format, however if you are using an ISBN number purchased before 2007 then you will need to make use of our ISBN converter.

Adazing’s free ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 converter couldn’t be simpler to use. You don’t need to understand the formula used to convert an ISBN-10 to an ISBN-13 all you have to do is press convert and we take care of the rest.

In short, the new ISBN converter takes the trouble out of converting your old ISBN numbers to the new format. If you have just created your ISBN-13 code and now you need to make it into a barcode simply use our ISBN Barcode Generator!