Free Book Cover Templates

business book cover templateYour cover is the window to the soul of your book. It is the visual form of the message inside and if done right is one of your greatest tools for turning readers into buyers. We’ve spent years  charging hundreds of dollars for book covers but we have decided to take all our teams talent and give it to you for free. That’s right we want to give you high quality fully editable free book cover templates designed by the same designers responsible for New York Times Bestselling covers.

Our book cover templates have been created to give your book the full opportunity it deserves without the hassle of having to spend a lot of money. We have some great book templates to help you get your book out to the public and start selling copies today.

fiction book cover templateEach one of these book cover templates are fully customizable, they only require Adobe Photoshop in order to make each one unique to your specific needs. Customizable book templates are a true advantage to any author that would rather devote their time to writing instead of creating a cover. They are quick and easy to use, saving you precious time that you can put to better use by writing or otherwise promoting your work.