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How many words per page?

Book Page Count Calculator

Book page count calculator

Our book page count calculator helps you figure out how many pages your final book will contain based off of our your current word count. Simply select your word print size, book genre and then enter your word count and press “Calculate Number of Pages”.

Why we created this tool

The short answer is that we created to show you how long your novel or book is. Every author has a different question about their book’s length, sometimes it is so they can know when they are done, sometimes it is to make sure that they aren’t too long or too short compared to the average book in their genre. These are just some of the questions we get on almost a weekly basis:

  • How long is a novel?
  • How long should my book be?
  • How many words is a 300 page book?
  • How many words is my book?
  • How many words is a novel?
  • How many words are on an average page of a novel?

The above questions and more are the exact reasons we created the tool at the bottom of this page. It was created to answer all your questions and some questions that you didn’t even thing to ask.

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t concern yourself with page counting, while writing and that is it an unneeded distraction, but it is impossible to not be interested or concerned. Whether you are trying to track how far you have to go or just checking how many pages you’ve completed so far there are many times that you just want to know an accurate page count. Until now you had to dig around through multiple sources to figure out how many words per page for your exact font size and then do the math. Well now you don’t have to worry because we’ve created the perfect hassle free tool for finding out how many pages are in your book.

Not only will our tool tell you how many pages your book is, it will also tell you how you are doing compared to other books in your genre as well as whether the length of your book classifies as a Short Story, Novella, or Novel etc.

We hope you get great use out of our tool. I know it saves us a lot of time!