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by CJ McDaniel // August 7  

Do you sometimes think that you don’t belong in this mundane world? Do you feel more comfortable hanging out in a forest with nothing but nature surrounding you? Then you must be an Elf! 

Elves come in many forms, but they are most known with their statuesque physical traits, long white hair, pointy ears, and graceful movements. If you think you belong in the Elven Kingdom, then you might want to know your true Elven name!

Free Elf Name Generator

Our free Elf Name Generator is the first step to your transcendence. Simply enter your first and last name and gender to see your identity in Elven form. If you think the generated name doesn’t feel right, just click the *Generate* button a few times to find your true Elf name! 

Our tool is filled with all the Elven names we could gather from around the world. Our extensive research in the Elven world has led us to create a magical algorithm that transforms your human name into someone who possesses inner magic. 

Are you curious to know your Elven name? Try our tool and find out!

History of Elves

Elves are humanoid beings of Germanic mythology and English Folklore. They are generally represented as two distinct types:

  • Nature spirits that are affiliated with the Fae. They are usually small in nature and commonly found in Celtic Mythology. 
  • Human-sized beings that are known to mingle with human folk. They are mostly featured in Norse Mythology. 

When it comes to their abilities, elves are known to possess immortality and hold ethereal power over nature. They are fast, strong, and very intelligent. Moreover, elves are depicted as otherworldly beings with great beauty, feline grace, and pointed ears. 

Elves are portrayed as elusive and small people with naughty and playful personalities. That is in the early modern period of English folk tales. According to folk tales, elves are often depicted as children with several different facial characteristics and a fair amount of hair covering their bodies.

Elves are not evil in nature. However, they are known to annoy humans or interfere in several of their affairs in the English folklore. When English folk started to immigrate to America, they brought some of the folklore and tradition with them. That particular portrayal of elves then adapted into the Christmas elves of pop culture in America.

Modern Depiction of Elves

After J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic saga, The Lord of the Rings took the world by storm, Elves became a staple character in modern fantasy. 

A convention of fantasy fiction usage for “elf-like” features is: v in elves or elves corresponds to elves in human size (which relates more closely to the mythology of the Viking Age), while the f in elves or elves refers to elves of small size (which directly corresponds to the Renaissance and Romantic Eras folklore).

Christmas Elves 

The current children’s folklore of Santa Claus in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland usually involves green-clad elves. They have pointed ears, long noses, and pointed hats as helpers of Santa or hired staff. They produce the toys located in a North Pole factory.

In this portrayal, elves are slightly similar to graceful and gentle versions of the elves mentioned in English folklore. As demonstrated by the success of the successful Christmas movie Elf, the role of elves as Santa’s helpers has continued to be successful.


  • Elves are ethereal and long-lived humanoids in JRR Tolkien’s novels.
  • Although the name of the small servant humanoids in the Harry Potter series, the “House Elves” are more similar to Brownies.
  • The influence of Shakespeare and Michael Drayton made the use of elf and fairy for very small beings the norm.
  • In Victorian literature, elves usually appeared in illustrations as tiny men and women with pointed ears and stocking caps.
  • The Brothers Grimm fairy-tale “The Elves and the Shoemaker” (originally Die Wichtelmänner) features two small naked men who assist the shoemaker and are similar to brownies rather than elves.
  • Elves lived in the forest near the Spiderwick Estate in the “Spiderwick Chronicles”.

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