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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

The world of aristocracy has kings, queens, princes, and princesses. The aristocratic world fascinates humans, and it’s common to hear the mention of kings, queens, etc., in many stories. 

Royal characters appear in almost all genres, from modern romance historical fiction to science fiction. The royal characters range from power-mad monsters to benevolent rulers. 

Selecting a royal name involves lending instant regal qualities to the character. The name you choose needs to have royal qualities, and several things make a name royal. Royal name generator will be a great help in finding the best royal names.

You can also consider the royal name generator if you don’t have the time to check out the royal naming rule. The tool instantly generates names with a button click. Plus, it has 1000+ royal name ideas for your book characters. 

Royal Names

Royalty was more prevalent in ancient times but still exists in some nations. There are many places where you can get royal name inspiration. 

You can get royal names for your book characters from historical figures such as warrior queen Boudicca and legends like Arthur. 

Readers who know the kings, princes, etc., will easily connect them and your characters. Plus will understand the inspiration for your name choice. 

However, readers who do not know them will have to uncover several hidden depths later. The royal name generator helps you narrow down your search easily and quickly find the perfect name. 

Royal Character Names

Aristocratic Title

  • Baron 
  • Earl
  • Caesar 
  • Empress 
  • Contessa 

Mythical and Fictional 

  • Arthur 
  • Claudius 
  • Alonso 
  • Aragon 
  • Claudius 

Origins Of Royalty

The royalty idea and concept are centuries old. It did originate from medieval European feudal systems. 

Under feudalism, Europe had very influential landowners who got vast territories through a purchase or military force. 

They later became high-ranking lords, and they chose to crown one of them asking. The powerful landowners did choose a king depending on their political intrigue and military force. 

Even though the lords were quite powerful, the amount of territory was too much to manage on their own. Therefore they hired vassals, who were simply low-ranking nobles. 

Lower-ranking nobles’ payment was some land or income from the property. Income could be from profit from farming or rents paid by commoners. 

In return, the vassals became the territory’s administrator and offered military aid to his lord. 

Another role of the vassal was to raise a private army. Plus, they had the powers to create several other vessels if the territory was large enough. 

Vassals got titles; however, they did not have direct political powers. The succession of the vassal was through succession. 

After a vassal’s death, their heirs inherited the King’s title, property, and obligations. With time the system had several rituals and traditions. 


Europe is famous for monarchies, and it was simply the first place with a proper feudal system. Japan also had an imperial system, and their shogunates were similar to Europeans.

Its features are similar to European monarchies. In the later centuries, republicanism started replacing royal power in Europe. 

In another place like Denmark, change from monarchy to democracy happened gradually and peacefully. In parts such as France, the change was a sudden and violent revolution. 

Even though rare, some exiled and disposed of royalty would return later. It did happen when the monarchists gained more political power than republicans. 

In the mid-1600s, there was English civil and the execution of King Charles I. His heir, Charles II, was exiled to France. Charles II did return to England, but the monarchy wasn’t decisive. 

Then parliament had gained much political control. Royalty is also quite popular in the Middle East, but it did develop slightly differently. 

In most monarchies, power is through military and political maneuvering, but it was more about politics and religion in the Middle East. 

Caliph was the head of state, and his authority did not only stem from wealth and politics. Sultans were under the caliph. 

Lesser kings were sultans with various roles like military commander and religious leader. 

Today most sultanates follow the European monarchy modern. Other sultans did change their titles to kings. 

How Royalty Works 

The highest or uppermost class is simply royalty in today’s world. Note that royals are simply about class because their positions do not depend on economic status. 

They are wealthy and have intrinsic ties to their country’s governments. Royals can participate in their countries legislative duties and perform or lead certain ceremonial functions. 

Each country has a way of choosing between a royal and non-royal, and the systems vary. There is a myth that royalty is old-fashioned stuffy, plus it has people who are resistant to change. 

However, the fact that royalty still exists in this century and their houses are still intact proves their adaptability. 

Some systems have simple royalty. Here the royals are the ruling family, and other people are commoners. 

Some people with a noble title, such as baroness or duke, aren’t unique to the taxi guy. Other countries have several royal families, known as houses. 

These families are ranked as royals even if only one family is in the crown line. In such systems, if those in the current line do not meet the succession requirements when the current crown holder dies, then the other royal families can claim the crown. 

Specific succession rules can pass the crown to different families or branches of the same family. The succession requirements are usually complicated because European royal houses have extensively intermarried. 

Over the centuries, Europe has witnessed countless successful conflicts. It becomes troublesome when the King dies, and there isn’t a viable heir. 

Royal Titles

The top of the royal hierarchy has the King or queen. In another place, they are the emperor and empress. It depends on whether they are ruling a country or an empire. 

King and queen relatives are the rightful crown heirs, and they can be the prince or princess. It can consist of cousins, grandchildren, and children. 

Note that does explicitly vary according to the country’s succession rules—several other royal titles such as duke, duchess, count, baron, viscount, etc. 

Some titles are usually hereditary. For example, if your father or mother was a duke or duchess, the title passes to the children when parents die. 

The children will pass the title to their children too. All these follow the succession rules. If there’s no heir, the title is dissolved or goes to another family. 

Plus, if the bearer of the title happens to be in a succession line, it will be dissolved. Here people say the title is in the crown. 

However, some titles aren’t hereditary. People refer to such titles as life peerages. 

The crown holder usually gives the title and is valid for the titleholder’s lifetime. Children can’t inherit them. 

Life Of A Royal 

When people hear about royals, they think of lavish lifestyles: hundreds of servants, opulent palaces, expensive cars, and many more. Honestly, the royalties live a very privileged life with great things. 

On the other hand, Scandinavian royals are usually casual and are famous for their down-to-earth lifestyle. People refer to them as bicycle monarchies. 

They usually take rides around the public street. The royals of places like Morocco, Monaco, Britain, etc., still live lavishly. It allows them to keep up with the royal reputation. 

Royal Behavior 

The one thing royals have more than ordinary people are genetic defects, usually known as blue blood. Royal families exclusively intermarry within the existing noble lines. 

They believe it maintains the pureness of their bloodline. Royal families have extremely tangled and complicated family trees. Marrying into another royal family doesn’t help since they are equally inbred. 

Plus, there are almost one hundred chances that the families intermarry in the past. Therefore, the genes have been around through generations. Inbreeding isn’t right since it creates a strong expression of the potential of recessive genes. 

According to history, common complications of British royals are insanity, mental problems, etc., that have passed through generations. 

However, it’s not okay to attribute the royal behavior solely to their genes. Royals often make bad decisions even when sane and healthy. 

Most modern scandals aren’t more extreme than past scandals. One of the famous scandals involves the legendary King Henry VIII. He did banish his 20 years wife and beheaded several people. 

Most scandals in Europe’s great royal houses are about adultery. There are several scandals in modern royalty too. 

For example, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had rumors of infidelity that saw their unique marriage crumble publicly. 

The most recent scandal is Prince’s Laurent of Belgium. He is to testify in a fraud case. Allegedly the prince and some of his associates did scam the Belgium navy for over two million euros. 


There are many royal family character names out there. You can get the royal names from famous kings or queens. However, it means your character will carry have to carry the person’s personality. 

Therefore you need to make the name selection critically. The royal name generator will help you select the right name for your book character. 

Enjoy the Royal name generator and be inspired to create a masterpiece in your upcoming novel, play, or short story.

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