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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Any writer can confirm that coming up with names is quite tricky. Even the most creative folks struggle to conjure up names.

It would help if you came up with exciting names for fantasy characters or places. Not only does it capture the audience’s attention, but it also makes your novel readable and enticing.

Interesting character names or names of places should evoke emotion and intrigue. These names should resonate with the readers. 

Readers should also follow the plot through the names and associate these names with certain feelings.

How then can you ensure that the book is indulging? Use the Inn Name Generator. It is the best tool, as it issues creative and practical suggestions. 

The Inn Name Generator will save your time and will allow you to focus on the story. It takes away the burden of having to guess names.

A Brief History Of Inns

Inns are establishments set up to provide accommodation to travelers. They provide a place to sleep, dine, shower, and rest. 

Most travelers use inns for one night only. Inns have been in existence from as early as the medieval days. They are the oldest accommodation establishments.

Inns can be traced back to around 2000 years ago. The creation of these establishments is attributed to the Romans. In the early days, the Romans built inns to provide accommodation to construction workers.

Roman Inns were more than just accommodation places. They were also a place for folk to hang out and down a few beers casually. They primarily operated like bars during the day and provided accommodation at night.

Inns offered more than just accommodation. They provided commercial spaces for town meetings. 

Mayors or business people could rent out inns to hold meetings with their associates. These inns could also serve food and drink during these conferences.

Inns hosted huge parties and celebrations. Folks would book them during weddings, memorial days, plentiful harvests, etc. you would have had to book an inn in advance to host parties.

An innkeeper was in charge of running the establishment and keeping the books. The keepers were usually the owners. They were respectable members of society. Noblemen also owned chains of inns in their towns.

Innkeepers exercised their judgment in deciding who to accommodate. They had to be careful, as paying for accommodation in advance was not standard practice. There were cases where travelers could defraud the innkeeper, hence vet guests.

Inns offered more than just accommodation to travelers. They took good care of travelers’ hoses.

They provided food, water, and stables to horses overnight. You would have to pay for the extra service.

The establishments became quite popular during the industrial revolution. Many construction workers were often sent to faraway places to work on infrastructure.

These workers needed accommodation. Inns were seen as an affordable and comfortable alternative, hence their popularity.

Inns still operate today. They continue to offer accommodation services to travelers. Inns face steep competition from other lodging establishments and hotels.

Japanese Inns

Japan has some of the unique inns in the world. They offer unique traditional-style rooms known as tatami rooms.

These are rooms where guests sleep on unique mats. These establishments offer communal baths.

Communal baths are separated according to gender. 

Ryokan is the oldest inn in the world. These establishments began operations in 705 AD.

The ryokan features traditional Japanese architecture. These hotels are located in the scenic countryside of Japan.

 Ryokan serves Kaiseki. It is traditional Japanese food, though modern-day inns serve all types of food. All food gets served in the common dining area.

Other Accommodation Facilities

Aside from Inns, there are several other establishments that folks use today. They offer many similar services.

These establishments are:

1. Hotels

A hotel is an establishment that issues lodging services to its guests. Hotels have multiple rooms. Each guest has a private room unless they decide to share. 

Hotels have staff members who provide many services such as catering, laundry, room service, etc.

Hotels are responsible for keeping the rooms tidy. They change the customer’s beddings daily. They also clean the rooms and ensure that everything is in order. In most cases, customers would have to book their rooms in advance.

Hotels are typically located in cities and other urban centers. They are popular because they offer comfort and convenience.

2. Mountain Huts

Mountain huts are commercial establishments that provide accommodation services. These services are available to hikers and mountaineers. They are typically located on high mountains and hills.

Most mountain huts provide walk-in accommodation, though you might need to book in advance if you are planning to hike on popular routes. These establishments are simple and don’t offer a broad range of services.

Mountain huts are perfect, as they allow hikers to rest. They are a better alternative than setting up camps on your hiking trail. Pitching tents on slopes is complex, and there are many safety concerns.

3. Hostels

A hostel is a facility that provides inexpensive accommodation to travelers. Hostels are usually large halls with multiple beds. Users of these facilities share a common sleeping area. The showers are private.

You can get a private hostel if you want to part with more cash. Private hostels are tiny rooms, usually with nothing more than a bed. 

Many people prefer to stay in hostels as they are comparatively cheaper than other forms of accommodation.

The most significant disadvantage of staying in a hostel is the lack of privacy. Hostels also don’t offer room service beyond changing guest beddings.

4. Motels

Motels are similar to hostels, except that they offer private accommodation. These establishments are located near major highways. They offer a convenient place for motorists to stay as they travel. Motels usually are very cheap.

These establishments offer convenient parking to their guests. Most motels don’t offer anything beyond accommodation.

Some motels may have showers and tiny restaurants operating on the premises. Many offer nothing more than a vending machine.

Do not expect room service at motels either. Most motels don’t allow guests to stay for more than a few days. These establishments are intended to serve motorists who are on the go.

5. Guesthouse

Guesthouses are homely establishments that offer accommodation to guests. These establishments are privately owned. The owner personally takes care of the guests and ensures comfort.

Unlike most accommodation establishments, guest houses have living rooms where guests can lounge. 

You can enjoy personalized meals. Many guesthouses are comfortable as you get personalized care from the establishment’s owner.

Guesthouses offer many services to their clients. You have to book accommodation in advance to allow the hosts to prepare accommodation. These establishments only offer short-term accommodation, usually lasting just a few days.

6. Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast are accommodation facilities that offer just that. They take in guests at night, get a place to stay, and should have left by mid-morning. Bed and breakfast services are perfect for travelers on one-night stops.

Bed and breakfasts usually are walk-in services. During peak seasons, you would have to make reservations. The establishments offer guests many breakfast options. The rates are affordable, and this makes them popular.

7. Farm Stay

A farm stay is a unique accommodation afforded to guests looking to stay on an active agricultural site. 

These establishments are located in rural areas. The firm stays allow guests to partake in farming activities such as cultivating crops, herding, and taking care of farm animals.

Some farm stays accept payment in the form of services rendered. They may set several working hours for guests in exchange for a place to sleep.

8. Holiday Cottage

Holiday cottages are tiny and temporary rental homes located away from the city. These establishments allow guests to stay in them for short durations in exchange for rent.

Holiday cottages are ideal if you plan to be in an area for a short time. They are typically less expensive than hotels. 

Holiday cottages don’t offer room service, and the guest is responsible for maintaining the premises during their stay.

Inn Name Suggestions

  • The Thankful Stream Inn
  • The Scared Flea Inn
  • The Clever Mango Tavern
  • The Quaint Lavender Inn
  • The Discreet Buffalo Inn
  • The Frightening Barrel
  • Ye Olde Library Inn
  • The Plain Clarinet Inn
  • The Longing Apple
  • The Empty Duduk
  • The Exotic Fairy
  • The Relieved Nutmeg Inn
  • The Vagabond Explorer
  • The Honorable Marigold Tavern
  • The Twin Snow Inn
  • The Sudden Cushion
  • The Third Sword Tavern


So often, writers have ruined their stories by assigning names out of place to their characters or places. It is a problem that many creatives grapple with within their writing. Coming up with inn names is even more challenging. Thanks to the Inn Name Generator, you no longer have to struggle to come up with inn names.

While you might be lucky enough to guess the perfect name every once in a while, why leave it to luck? The Inn Name Generator will always be on point when providing suggestions. The tool is perfect for all creative writers and authors.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the Inn Name Generator and that it will inspire you to create a masterpiece in your upcoming novel, play, or short story.

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