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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Choosing characters’ names for a work of fiction can be relatively easy. When it comes to fiction, fantasy ones, it can be a nightmare for any writer.

Choosing names for mythical creatures can be challenging, especially if you do not know where to start or go about it or if they are still in use, and friends’ suggestions are usually out of the question.

Building a character around a unicorn is not easy, but a name will be the best way to start and where the Unicorn Name Generator comes in. It can generate union names quickly. For those seeking names for various characters and creatures, our Fantasy Name Generator is an excellent resource, helping authors create unique and fitting names to bring their stories to life.

Genesis Of Unicorns

In retrospect, unicorns are describable as creatures with singular horns protruding from the head. The contention is whether the creature is a horse, a rhinoceros, or something else. The narrative depends on where the story originates. 

However, what is clear is that’s unicorns are mythical creatures with background stories from almost every culture and religion.

It is known that unicorns are wild creatures that can only be compelling to a woman and any woman who has a virtuous heart. 

Tale has it that the truth of their reality was so ingrained in most people even royalty was paying big bucks for a piece of them. 

They were partly due to the belief that their horns and bodies had healing powers and we’re a fountain of youth.

Do Unicorns Exist?

There is no foolproof method to determine the truth—unicorns’ existence. Historically, explorers from Europe would visit countries such as India and document creatures they had encountered. 

At times, such claims to some of the animals we know of today might have been seen as ludicrous. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise that these sightings are attributed to creatures such as rhinos. 

Nonetheless, you cannot simply put the existence of unicorns aside since various documentation suggests they might have existed at some point. Or that they are rare enough not to be seen regularly. 

Either way, the jury is still out on this one. We can only hope to put to rest this argument at some point.

Religion Significance Of Unicorns

Religion plays a significant role in how unicorns are perceived in the modern world. The explorers might have been doubted, but religious texts had a drive that led most to believe in their existence.


Christianity bases its belief on the Bible. The Bible has undergone a series in translation and some versions like the New King James, the word uniform has been used more than seven times. It describes a creature with a horn coming from its forehead. 

Scriptural books such as Job, psalms, Isaiah, etc., describe an animal with a single horn and excellent strength. Many would argue that it could be a rhino. 

In defense, some would point out that these creatures would be ‘skipping’ something rhinos are not known to do. Although this belief has been dulled down, Christians still believe in their existence.


It is not clear if unicorns are in the Qur’an. However, famous scholars have referred to creatures that resemble unicorns. These creatures are thought to have been used to transport prophets and Islamic teachers. 

Some scholars would describe it as a gazelle-like creature with a horn, while others say it is a beast with a woman’s face and wings spanning its sides.

It is believed to contain powers as far as the horns go and are exceptionally gifted to royalty. They also surmised that the horns could produce music if held specifically towards the wind.


If there is a religion that explicitly defines unicorns, it’s Hindi. However, instead of one, several unicorns have been named. Unicorns are known passed to be attracted to the virgin virtue. 

Out of the one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five seals of the Indus Seals, 1161 describes unicorns, pictured as a force with a crooked horn. The horn originated from a base that shows sparks in son types of unicorns.

The most famous depiction of a unicorn in the Hindu doctrine is the Uchchaihshravas. A unicorn is known to have winged and has seven heads. Due to its unconventional appearance, it is considered sovereign over other horses. 

Types Of Unicorns

There are numerous types of unicorns, but we shall discuss four that you can use to develop unicorn names for this article.

1. Rainbow Unicorn

The rainbow unicorn is a type of unicorn associated with seclusion. You can describe it as having a brilliant-colored mane and tail. Besides the mane and tail, the main feature distinguishes it from the classic western unicorn.

Unicorns are creatures of magic, light, and goodness. I have been unable to find much too scarce information regarding their needs or lifestyles. The unicorn prefers to live in wetlands such as swamps, marshes, and bogs. 

They suffer from a condition whereby their horns will become waterlogged quickly if they live in an area with no water.

2. Chinese Unicorn

The Chinese believe in a creature with a horn on its head known as a Qilin. However, the contention is on whether it is one horn or two. 

Several depictions show two horns. East Asians, specifically Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, believe it brings good luck and is associated with the birth and demise of royalty or noble blood. 

As far as their description goes, they have the horn(s) but have a completely different body from most unicorns. 

It all depends on the depiction. It is shown as a dragon, lion as far as the head in most cases. The body can be that of a deer or tiger.

3. Pegacorn

A Pegacorn is considered a cross between a Pegasus (winged horse) and a unicorn. In a nutshell, a Pegacorn is a flying unicorn. Historically they are believed to have originated from Ethiopia, although pegasus is Greek. 

These creatures are most commonly associated with Greek mythology, and numerous works of fiction, including books and movies, feature a Pegacorn.

4. Gaelic Unicorns

Gaelic is a historical language attributed to Scottish culture. Scotland has a history of mythological creatures, and Unicorns are one of them. They can be found in contact with the Greeks, but they have become Scotland’s icons. 

They are seen as a symbol of integrity, restoring powers, and virility. The common denominator with other unicorns is that it is attracted to a virtuous or innocent woman, and only she can take it.

They have been in existence in Celtic mythology as far back as the late 14th Century. Royalty, as well as commoners, acknowledged the power and divinity of the Gaelic unicorn.

5. Dark Unicorns

The antithesis of a white unicorn to Most writers and readers are intrigued by these creatures. They are usually associated with death and tragedy.

Unicorn Names

Looking for a unicorn name to include in your fictional writing can be a hustle if you don’t use a Unicorn Name Generator. However, famous names can give you an idea of what unicorn names to use. Here is a list.

Male Names

  • Minato

Minato is a Japanese name usually reserved for males. However, some consider it gender-neutral. It has the general meaning of hidden refuge. 

  • Loki

Loki is a common fanfiction name, especially with the Thor movie. It is a Norse name, and it means close even though it referred to the Greek trickster god.

  • Jasper

Jasper generally refers to precious stones. It is a common English name given to males. As the name describes, it means treasure or something valuable.

  • Russia

Rohesia is another common unicorn name, which comes from the Latin language and is mainly for males. It principally means kind.

  • Lycus

Lycus is another popular name given to unicorns. It is from Greek mythology and, in some cases, unrelated to unicorns. It means a wolf or friend of Hercules.

Female Names

  • Celestina 

Celestina is a name that different cultures have used, but it originates from Latin. It is mainly for females, and it means stars or heavenly.

  • Calypso

Calypso is another female unicorn name. It is also used all over European and American countries. It originally means hidden in Greek.

  • Bluebell 

Bluebell has a tone to suggest softness and is why it is commonly a female name. It is an English name that means flowers.

  • Agnes

Agnes has become such a common name all over the world. It is a Greek unicorn name that means purity, righteousness, or innocence.

  • Anamika

Anamika is a unique unicorn name that is originally from India. It describes a person or something full of grace. 

What are the origins of unicorn names and their significance in mythology?

Unicorns, mystical creatures of beauty and grace, have captivated the imaginations of people for centuries. Their names hold a significant place in the realm of mythology, each one carrying its unique origin story and symbolism. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of unicorn names and explore their meanings.

One intriguing aspect of unicorn names is their diverse origins from different cultures. The word “unicorn” itself stems from the Latin words “uni,” meaning one, and “cornu,” meaning horn. In ancient Greek texts, unicorns were referred to as “monokeros,” which translates to “one horn.” These early names laid the foundation for the enchanting creature we know today.

In Celtic mythology, unicorns were known as “arietes” or “elains,” symbolizing purity, innocence, and untamed nature. The name “arietes” is derived from the Celtic word “arietos,” meaning noble, while “elains” is associated with deer, emphasizing the majestic and otherworldly traits of the unicorn.

In Chinese folklore, unicorns are called “qilin,” representing good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. The name “qilin” combines the characters for “qi,” meaning auspicious, and “lin,” a mythical creature resembling a unicorn. According to legend, the appearance of a qilin heralded the birth or death of a great ruler.

The significance of unicorn names in mythology goes beyond mere labels – each name carries symbolism and power. In medieval European tales, unicorns were often named based on their virtues and qualities, such as “Luminare,” signifying illumination and guidance, or “Aurelia,” representing beauty and grace.

In modern times, the allure of unicorns continues to inspire creativity, leading to the development of unicorn name generators. These online tools combine elements of fantasy and language to provide unique and whimsical names for these enchanting creatures. From “Stardust Dreamer” to “Celestial Serenade,” unicorn name generators allow individuals to personalize their own mythical companion.

Whether rooted in ancient lore or modern invention, unicorn names hold a special place in the hearts of those who believe in the magic of these mythical beings. Each name invokes a sense of wonder, mystery, and splendor, reminding us of the enduring fascination with the legendary unicorn.

How do unicorn name generators work and what factors determine the names generated?

Unicorns have captured the imagination of many, with their ethereal beauty and mystical essence. For those seeking to tap into the world of unicorns, unicorn name generators offer a fun way to discover unique and enchanting names for these mythical creatures.

Understanding Unicorn Name Generators

Unicorn name generators are online tools that randomly generate names for unicorns based on a set of predetermined rules and algorithms. These generators often take into account factors such as the length of the name, the use of certain magical or whimsical words, and even elements like the unicorn’s color or special abilities.

Factors that Determine Names Generated

  • Length of the Name: Some unicorn name generators allow users to specify the desired length of the unicorn’s name. Shorter names may sound more playful and cute, while longer names can evoke a sense of grandeur and mystery.
  • Magical Elements: Many unicorn name generators incorporate magical or fantastical words into the names they generate. Words like “sparkle,” “whisper,” or “mystic” can add a magical touch to the unicorn’s name.
  • Color and Characteristics: The color of the unicorn’s coat or its unique characteristics, such as wings or the ability to heal, can influence the names generated. For example, a white unicorn with healing powers may be given a name that conveys purity and healing.
  • User Preferences: Some unicorn name generators allow users to input their own preferences, such as choosing a specific theme or setting for the name generation. This personalization can result in names that resonate more with the user.
    The Magic of Unicorn Names

    Unicorn name generators add an element of fun and creativity to the world of unicorns, allowing enthusiasts to discover names that reflect the magical and otherworldly nature of these mythical creatures. Whether you’re writing a fantasy story, creating artwork, or simply dreaming of unicorns, these generators can spark inspiration and help bring your unicorns to life with names that resonate with their essence.

What are some popular themes and categories used in unicorn name generators?

Unicorn name generators have gained popularity among fantasy enthusiasts and creative writers looking to add mystical creatures to their stories. These generators provide users with unique and imaginative names for their fictional unicorns. Here are some popular themes and categories often used in unicorn name generators:

  • Magical Elements: Many unicorn name generators incorporate magical elements into the names they generate. Names inspired by elements such as moonlight, stardust, or enchantments help create an ethereal and mystical feel for the unicorns.
  • Nature-Inspired Names: Nature-inspired names are another common theme in unicorn name generators. Names like Blossom, Raindrop, or Aurora evoke imagery of beauty and serenity, adding a natural touch to the unicorn character.
  • Color Themes: Some unicorn name generators use color as a central theme for naming unicorns. These generators may suggest names like Silvermist, Goldenhoof, or Rosepearl, reflecting the magical and colorful appearance of unicorns.
  • Personality Traits: Unicorn name generators often take into account the personality traits of the unicorns when generating names. Names like Braveheart, Serenity, or Whisperwind can reflect the characteristics and virtues of the unicorn characters.
  • Historical and Mythological References: Another popular category in unicorn name generators is names inspired by historical and mythological references. Names like Avalon, Excalibur, or Athena draw from legendary tales and ancient myths, adding depth and richness to the unicorn’s backstory.
  • Celestial References: Celestial references are also commonly used in unicorn name generators. Names inspired by stars, constellations, and celestial bodies such as Luna, Nova, or Phoenix add a cosmic and mystical flair to the unicorn names.
  • Fantasy Worlds: Unicorn name generators often draw inspiration from fantasy worlds and realms. Names like Elsaria, Sylvanor, or Misthaven transport readers to imaginary lands filled with magic and wonder, enhancing the allure of the unicorn characters.

How can you personalize a unicorn name generated by using your own preferences or details?

Unicorns have captured the imagination of people for centuries, with their mystical and enchanting presence. If you have used a Unicorn Name Generator to come up with a unique name for your unicorn, you may want to add a personal touch to make it truly your own. Here are some ways you can personalize a unicorn name generated by using your own preferences or details:

  • Incorporate Your Favorite Color: Consider adding a color that you love to the unicorn name. For example, if your favorite color is blue, you could create a name like “Azure Dream” or “Sapphire Sparkle”.
  • Reflect Your Personality: Think about characteristics or traits that define who you are. If you are a kind and gentle person, you might choose a name like “Gentle Heart” or “Kindred Spirit” for your unicorn.
  • Draw Inspiration from Nature: Nature is full of beauty and wonder, providing a rich source of inspiration for unicorn names. You could combine elements of nature with your unicorn’s name, such as “Whispering Willow” or “Mystic Moonlight”.
  • Include a Meaningful Element: If there is a word or symbol that holds special meaning to you, consider incorporating it into your unicorn’s name. This could add depth and significance to the name, making it more personal and unique.
  • Use Your Imagination: Let your creativity run wild and think outside the box. Play with different words, sounds, and combinations to come up with a name that resonates with you and captures the essence of your unicorn.

    By infusing your unicorn name with your own preferences, details, and creativity, you can create a name that is truly one-of-a-kind and reflective of your own unique style. Embrace the magic and wonder of unicorns as you personalize their name to make them truly yours.

What are some examples of unique and creative unicorn names generated by popular tools?

Unicorns, mystical creatures of grace and wonder, have been a source of fascination for centuries. With their majestic horns and ethereal beauty, unicorns have inspired countless stories and legends. One fun way to tap into the magic of unicorns is by giving them unique and creative names. Thanks to modern technology, there are now popular tools known as Unicorn Name Generators, which can help you come up with the perfect name for your magical companion.

One popular Unicorn Name Generator is the “Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Name Generator.” With just a click of a button, this tool can generate names that sparkle and shine just like a rainbow. Some examples of names that this generator might come up with include “Lumina Twinklehoof,” “Stardust Sparklepuff,” and “Celestia Dreamwalker.” These names evoke images of shimmering galaxies and enchanting dreams, perfect for a mystical unicorn.

Another creative Unicorn Name Generator is the “Crystal Horn Enchanting Name Generator.” This tool specializes in names that capture the essence of crystal-clear beauty and enchantment. Names like “Crystal Moonlight Glitterhoof,” “Sapphire Starlight Whisperer,” and “Opal Raindancer” are just a few examples of the magical names that this generator can create. These names conjure up images of sparkling gems and moonlit dances, making them perfect for a unicorn of elegance and grace.

For those looking for a more whimsical twist, the “Frosted Meadow Unicorn Name Generator” might be the perfect tool. This generator churns out names that are as charming as a sunlit meadow coated in frost. Names like “Frostbloom Whisperwillow,” “Dewdrop Meadowlark,” and “Snowflake Sunbeam Dreamer” are some examples of the delightful names you might discover. These names bring to mind fields of delicate flowers and gentle breezes, ideal for a unicorn with a playful spirit.

How can unicorn names reflect the personality or characteristics of the fictional creature?

Unicorns, often depicted as majestic and mystical creatures in folklore and popular culture, are known for their grace, beauty, and magical abilities. One way to further enhance the depth and uniqueness of a fictional unicorn character is by carefully selecting a name that reflects its personality or characteristics. A unicorn’s name can convey a sense of its essence, origin, or even its magical prowess. In this article, we will explore how unicorn names can add layers to the characterization of these enchanting beings.

When crafting a name for a unicorn character, one can draw inspiration from various sources such as nature, mythology, and the magical realm. Names like “Luna” or “Stardust” can evoke a sense of mystery and celestial beauty, reflecting the unicorn’s magical nature and connection to the stars. On the other hand, names like “Whisper” or “Glimmer” suggest a gentle and ethereal presence, highlighting the unicorn’s peaceful and calming demeanor.

Moreover, the color and appearance of a unicorn can also influence its name. A unicorn with a shimmering silver mane and horn may be aptly named “Silvermist” or “Moonbeam,” emphasizing its radiant and ethereal qualities. Alternatively, a unicorn with a fiery red mane and golden horn could be named “Emberheart” or “Sunfire,” symbolizing its strength and fiery spirit.

In addition to physical traits, the personality of a unicorn can play a significant role in determining its name. A playful and mischievous unicorn might bear a name like “Whimsy” or “Trickster,” capturing its lively and impish nature. Conversely, a wise and noble unicorn could be named “Serenity” or “Purity,” reflecting its grace and wisdom.

For authors seeking to create compelling unicorn characters, using a unicorn name generator can provide a wealth of inspiration and creativity. These tools can generate unique and whimsical names that perfectly encapsulate the essence of a fictional unicorn. By choosing a name that resonates with the character’s personality, appearance, and magical abilities, authors can craft a more immersive and enchanting story for their readers.

What are the considerations when choosing a unicorn name for a specific purpose or context?

Unicorns are mythical creatures known for their grace, beauty, and enchanting presence. When it comes to naming a unicorn, whether it be for a character in a book, a personal pet, or a business mascot, careful consideration is essential. The right unicorn name can add depth and personality to the creature, enhancing its role and impact in various contexts. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a unicorn name for a specific purpose or context.

  • Meaning and Symbolism: Consider the meanings and symbolism associated with the name you are considering. Unicorns are often linked to purity, magic, and mystery, so a name that reflects these qualities can enhance the enchanting aura of the creature. Names like Luna, Stardust, or Aurora evoke a sense of wonder and fantasy.
  • Character Traits: Think about the personality and traits of the unicorn you are naming. Is it brave and adventurous, or gentle and nurturing? Choose a name that aligns with the characteristics you want your unicorn to embody. For a bold and fearless unicorn, names like Blaze or Thunder would be fitting, while a gentle and loving unicorn may suit names like Harmony or Serenity.
  • Audience or Purpose: Consider the audience or purpose for which the unicorn will be named. If it’s for a children’s storybook, whimsical and easy-to-pronounce names like Twinkle or Sparkle may be more appealing. For a business mascot aimed at a more sophisticated audience, a name with a touch of elegance and sophistication, such as Celestia or Mystique, might be more suitable.
  • Uniqueness: While popular names can be charming and relatable, opting for a more unique or uncommon name can make your unicorn stand out. Explore different languages, mythologies, or even invent new names that have a special ring to them. This can make your unicorn name memorable and distinctive.
  • Sound and Flow: Pay attention to how the name sounds when spoken aloud. A harmonious and lyrical name can enhance the magical quality of the unicorn. Consider the rhythm and flow of the name, as well as how it pairs with any potential last names or titles that may accompany it.

How can unicorn name generators be used for fun activities, such as naming fictional characters or pets?

Unicorns have long captured the imagination of people of all ages with their mystic allure and beauty. From books to movies to various merchandise, unicorns continue to enchant us with their magical presence. One fun way to delve into the world of unicorns and add a touch of whimsy to your life is by using unicorn name generators.

Unicorn name generators are online tools that generate unique and fantastical names closely associated with the mystical creature. These generators often take inspiration from the characteristics and folklore surrounding unicorns to create names that spark creativity and imagination. While these tools are primarily used for entertainment, they can serve as valuable resources for naming fictional characters, pets, or even in creative writing exercises.

Naming fictional characters is a crucial part of the storytelling process, as a character’s name can shape their identity and impact how they are perceived by readers. Unicorn name generators provide a vast array of imaginative names that can add depth and personality to your characters. Whether you are writing a fantasy novel, crafting a short story, or developing a role-playing game, using a unicorn name generator can help you find the perfect name that resonates with your character’s essence.

Not only can unicorn name generators be used for naming fictional characters, but they can also add a touch of enchantment to your real-life pets. Whether you have a majestic horse, a playful cat, or a mischievous puppy, giving them a unicorn-inspired name can make them stand out and reflect their unique charm. Imagine calling out to your pet with a name like Stardust, Rainbow, or Luna – it adds a magical element to your bond with your furry friend.

Furthermore, unicorn name generators can be a fun and interactive activity for individuals of all ages. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next creative project or simply want to indulge in some whimsical fun, generating unicorn names can spark your creativity and transport you to a world filled with fantasy and wonder. You can challenge yourself to create stories or backstories for the names generated, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement.


Fictional writing can be fun once you have all the tools you need. Finding the right unicorn’s name can be layered, but that should stop you from putting a pen on paper or your finger on the keyboard. Use the Unicorn Name Generator and make your work easier. With this name generator, you’ll get access to a lot of unicorn name suggestions.

Aside from the Unicorn Name Generator, we hope the names listed and the article will help you discover more about unicorns in writing fictional fantasy stories if all else fails.

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