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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Mythical creatures are an integral part of fantasy fiction writing. Some would say that fantasy fiction is as old as mythology itself. 

But if you believe that or not, naming a mythical character in a book takes time and patience. Especially if it is a creature, you have not had the pleasure of writing about.

Half-orcs are some of the most intriguing creatures in mythology. They have a fascinating history, and their names are primarily strange as they are barely human, making it difficult to form or come up with creative half-orc names.

Thanks to the Half-Orc Name Generator, you no longer have to struggle to come up with half-orc names. The generator makes excellent and valuable half-orc name recommendations.

The Half-orc Name Generator will be of use when you hit this roadblock.

What Are Half-Orcs?

According to legend, half-orcs are a cross between humans and Orcs. Orcs can be tried back to English folklore in the 10th century.

They are generally hideous, arrogant, and antagonistic. Though half-orcs are half-human, they tend to lean towards their orc side as far as character goes.

No one can travel the history of these creatures. Nevertheless, you can see they have been in existence for centuries. 

Unfortunately, most believe that they result from rape and are frowned upon. However, some are born as a result of intermarriage and illicit relations.

Most half-orcs find themselves at crossroads. They usually are not welcomed on either side. The war between humans and orcs had casualties, and neither of these sides was willing to let the losses go. Half-orcs are, as a result, a reminder of the pain they endured.

This is why most half-orcs have to go above and beyond to prove themselves in bravery. It can be overdone in some instances and negatively affect them. 

Fortunately, in some human settlements, they are treated better and are integrated into the community. 

Physical Characteristics Of Half-orcs 

Half-orcs come with different physical characteristics. Both sides of their heritage define these characteristics. In some cases, the attributes may fall on one side of the spectrum. Here are the notable facets.

1. Strong And Tough

Half-orcs are very strong and can endure a lot of pain. They can grow up to 7 feet tall, with the smallest of the bunch being 5 feet. Half-orcs can weigh over 200 pounds.

 They are stubborn and prideful and would go to any length to prove their battle prowess, even to the point of putting their well-being in harm’s way, which may result in death.

2. Prominent Teeth And Facial Features

half-orcs have prominent facial features such as providing canine teeth and lower jaws. They also have a graying tint to their skin. However, skin color can also blend the parents’ pigmentation.

They are big on scars as they consider war trophies and a step closer to proving their worth. 

3. Half-Orcs Age Faster 

Half-orcs age faster than their human or orc counterparts due to their different anatomy and biology. Blame it on the mixed heritage.

They tend to mature after, usually at 14 and die faster with the expected mortality age of 75. Although this is close to humans, they to can still olive half-orcs.

4. They Are Chaotic

Half-orcs, like their orc half, thrive in chaos. You can see that they are brave, and sometimes this may be seen as foolish as they end up risking their lives. 

This behavior becomes more pronounced if a half-orc lives among other orcs. They may even seem brutal and evil.

Half-Orc Abilities

These creatures have supernatural abilities that neither humans nor orcs can boast about. Some of them include:

Strong Sight

Half-orcs are nocturnal and can see quite well in the dark and minimal lighting. They can see up to 60 feet with little to no light, 

making them superior to humans as well as other orcs. It is an ability that is of great use, especially during war.

High Endurance

They can quickly recover with high endurance and tolerate pain in great capacity, even if they receive a fatal blow. 

This is partly because their blood allows the body to heal and rejuvenate quickly. It is allowing them to come back from near-death experiences.

Language Proficiency

Half-orcs can speak both human and orc languages. It is a skin that comes in handy, particularly when they want to settle down. Thru can also play the spy in times of war. Unfortunately, this can be a disadvantage as neither side will trust them.

They Are Very Agile

Their agility comes in the form of switching to attack mode when they feel threatened and need to protect themselves. Warfare is a driving force that keeps them resilient.

They Can Channel Their Strength

Channeling is essential in warfare. By channeling their strength, they can easily defeat their opponents. 

However, they sometimes forget that they are not invincible, and the prices may die as immortality is not part of their abilities.


Half-orcs will worship whatever deity they are brought up in. If they are brought up around human beings, they will worship the gods they worship. 

Orcs are known to worship the Pantheon, and half-orcs tend to put more dedication to their worship than the orcs themselves. It all boils down to proving themselves worthy.

Types Of Half-orc

By definition, half-orc refers to beings that are half-human and half-orc. However, half-orcs can refer to any creature that is half-orc. Here are some of the half-orcs that are not of human descent.


This is a name given to half-orcs that have Ogre descent. You can refer to it as half-ogre. In some books with specific names, you can group them under the category of half-orcs.

Half Draenei

Half Draenei is just as the name suggests. They are half-orc and half Draenei. Draenei is also mythical creatures that border orcs and can sometimes, in one way or another, give birth to the mixed orc breeds.


Orcs are also known to breed with elves. In most stories, you can view them as enemies. However, forced marriages between humans and elves with orcs foster peace or interspecies defilement.

Half Dwarfs

Dwarfs can interbreed with orcs to create half breeds. These are creatures with both dwarf and orc features though in most cases, they incline towards orcs as far as speed and strength go.

Half-Orc Names

Half-orc creatures come with very unusual names, and guessing is not an option in this case. Half-Orc Name Generator can provide you with tons of half-orc names. However, we have a list of names to pick from or get you started. 

Male Names


This is one of the half-orc names that you give to males. It is beautiful; it is unique and unusual. It has its origins in Urdu, and the meaning of the name conveys a hopeful message. 


Garuda is a beautiful boy name; You can use it for half-orcs and Sanskrit. The name means king of birds. It is an unusual meaning, but it holds some significance to the bearer.


Maddox is a unique name, but it is more common than mentioned above. It comes from the Welch culture, and you can give to male half-orcs. It is a name that means a son of Madoc.


Shardul is also another name that you can give to a male half-orc. It similarly comes from the Sanskrit culture, and it means tiger. Probably meant to inspire bravery and so on.


Zaviyar is the perfect name for one of your half-orc characters. You can give to males from the Spanish and Arabs. It is a name that can either mean lionheart or brave.

Female Names


As far as female half-orc names go, Birgitta has a nice ring to it. It can be part of your character as it is Irish, which means tough and resilient.


Another beautiful name to add to your growing list of names is Davidda. It is unique, and it means adored. It is originally from the Hebrew language. 


Lawanda is an exotic name that makes the reader more eager to know the character. It is an English name, though, referring to the Vandal tribe. This is a tribe that existed in medieval times.


Shayna is a unique half orc name that you can use for females. It also sounds lovely and feminine. It originated from Yiddish, and as you would suspect, it means attractive. 


Last is Yenna. This is also another name that you can use for a character of the half-orc type. It is Gaelic, and it means the healing reward.


Half-orcs are still relatively new in the mythical creature books. We can’t say much about them, but their existence has many fantasy fiction readers heading to the book store. If you want to include half-orcs names in your books, use Half-Orc Name Generator. 

This tool is guaranteed to make your name searching quest to an end. Meanwhile, you can use this article to understand half-orcs and identify names that can work for your next fantasy fiction book.

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