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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Fantasy fiction allows a writer to pull the reader into a world that surpasses understanding with a realism that they can relate to. For there to be any realism in such writing, naming is pivotal. 

Finding the right name in other types of fictional writing is hard, and fictional writing is even more complicated. 

Gnome names are unique and hard to pronounce, let alone come up or name. This is why the Gnome Name Generator exists.

This name generator will help you develop distinct and intriguing names for your books; no need to spend all your time trying to conjure up a gnome name you have no idea about coming up with.

Origin of Gnomes

Like most mythical creatures, gnomes have a place in most, if not all, cultures. However, the most common origin is linked to Europe. Scandinavian countries are better known for folklore that speaks of gnomes. 

Gnomes are generally appertained to as earth dwellers with an affinity to mining. You can compare them to dwarves, but they are different in several ways. They help with gardening, especially at night. 

Some of their characteristics are their friendly nature and short stature. However, this description is for the garden gnomes and not the original creatures from the 19th century. Since they lived underground, they were dirty and uncouth.

While they are considered shy in modern stories, they were more reluctant to human interaction in the past.

Facts About Gnomes

There is so much that is unknown about these creatures. However, some details can help us understand how they look and interact with humans. Here are some facts about gnomes.

1. They Are Generally Short

 As stated before, gnomes are considered short, with an average adult gnome being 16cm tall. Their weight is relatively small at a maximum of 0.3kg, with males and females at 0.27kgs. However, there are other types of gnomes that are taller than that.

2. They Are Very Strong And Agile

They are known to be very strong despite their small stature. Gnomes are hardworking and blessed with fantastic eyesight. Moreover, they can run very fast, even with their little legs. Compared to humans, they far outrun our standard capabilities. 

3. They Are Born As Twins

Although they always have twin babies, they do not always look the same. The features such as hair and hair can be different. On average, a gnome lives up to 500 years. The female population will start being productive at the age of 120. 

At this point, they can give birth either to the same sex or different sexes.

4. They Have Mortal Enemies

According to folklore, gnomes have a mortal enemy in trolls. It is depicted in the animated movie Trolls. 

They are massive creatures that have neglected hygiene and spent their lives, making gnomes’ lives impossible.

Humans are generally considered as friends but, in recent cases, have proven to be enemies as well. By destroying the natural environment, they become public enemies to gnomes.

5. They Are Vegans

 Gnomes sustain themselves mainly on a diet of vegetables and fruits. They can deviate from this don’t occasionally with milk and eggs. The vegetables and fruit diet makes them aces in farming.

6. They Are Prolific Farmers

Gnomes have become synonymous with gardens as they are considered good at farming and farming techniques. 

They have a way with nature to grow plants and trees with excellent success rates. As far as herbal medicines are concerned, they have mastered the art.

7. They Are Very Interested

They are considered very smart and are very interested. Sometimes to a fault. Their curious nature can be a danger to them but has also led them to be very proficient builders and are sometimes known as pranksters. 

8. Gnomes Are Telepathic

Gnomes can speak while others do not speak. However, they can all communicate telepathically. This makes communication easier over long distances.

Types Of Gnomes

Gnomes may have the same characteristics, but that does not mean they are all the same. There are different types of gnomes. It mostly depends on where they choose to reside. This article will discuss 5 of the most common types.

1. Garden gnomes

Garden gnomes are the most common type of gnomes known to man. They live in abandoned gardens and are magnificent storytellers. 

However, they are into sad stories. They prefer gardening and have excellent farming acumen. This is why they are the most common type of gnome statues around home gardens.

2. House Gnomes

House gnomes are the close relatives of garden gnomes but are more refined and in tune with humans. 

They tend to live on the lower side of the house, especially basements. House gnomes speak the human language and are excellent at fixing broken things. 

Considering their advance in language and skill, it is no wonder royally is chosen from this bunch.

3. Farm Gnomes

Farm gnomes are the conservative version of house gnomes. They are also like garden gnomes but have a high affinity toward animals. 

They are beneficial in making animal life happier and full of health. They interact with humans but to a limited capacity even as they live side by side. 

They are relatively taller and live in large family groups. Farm gnomes prefer warmer weather and shelter in the farm stores.

4. Forest Gnomes

Forest gnomes are the epitome of working hard and playing hard. They spend most of their days working hard to benefit their society. 

But at the end of the day, they are honored with a winding down treatment like no other. They love their space and do not interact with humans.

5. Dune Gnomes

Dune gnomes primarily reside on the beach or coastal region. They are considered more prominent than most gnomes but are dull in dressing. Dune gnomes prefer living in holes such as rabbit holes and are very reclusive.

How To Choose A Gnome Name

As a writer, you have to choose your name depending on several factors. Simply using a name will be impersonal. This will not do if you want to connect with a reader. Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Understand The History Of Gnomes

Gnomes have a history that spans three centuries. It would be sloppy on your part to give a name without understanding the history of naming.

2. Understand The Meaning Of The Name

 Names are the basis of a character. You will not have character development if you do not have a name. Understanding the meaning of the name will help you develop the character in a meaningful and wholesome way.

3. Know The Type Of Gnome

Before naming any gnome character, know the type of gnome. As we have seen, there are several types of gnomes, and they can have different naming systems. Research these different species before choosing a name.

4. Read Other Books Based On Gnome Characters

The best way to learn from mistakes is to learn from others’ mistakes. Those who have already written fantasy books based on gnomes can be very insightful when looking for names.

Examples Of Gnome Names

There are many exceptional gnome names, and the Gnome name generator will help you get the best. However, here are some examples of gnome names.

Male Names


Kellin has its origin in Gaelic. Gnomes found in Scotland use this name often. Kellin is usually given to male gnomes but can also be gender-neutral. It means someone who is charitable and loving.


Demi is another unisex name usually given to male gnomes; it has its origin in the French. It is a unique name that means mental intellect. 


Wally is a unique gnome name that means from the Welshmans’ dwelling. It has its origin in English and is meant for male gnomes.


Orros is a beautiful name that comes from Greek. Orros is a male gnome name, which means some form of serum.

Female Names


Olga is a beautiful name that has its origin in Scandinavia. The name is for female gnomes, and it means sacred, sanctified, or consecrated.


Although Bonita has English and Scandinavian roots, it is a Spanish name. Female gnomes are the recipients of this name, which means beautiful or pleasant.


Adva is a unique gnome name if you consider a character’s name. It is a Hebrew name and is given to female gnomes. It is a name that mainly means a small wave or bubble. A cute little girl’s name that is truly unique to the world of fantasy names


Fictional writings require a lot of research. Most writers falter at choosing which name to use for fantasy creatures such as gnomes. But as we have seen, it is imperative to our thoughts on what name you give. It does not have to be a task, though. 

Gnome Name Generator is a means to help you save as much time as you can in developing characters. This name generator will give you the best gnome names for your characters.  Using it will save you from frustrations and time wastage. Surely, the Gnome name generator is an essential tool for authors.

We hope this article gives you solid ground to starting your next bestseller! Explore more Fiction Name Generators from our collection here.

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