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dwarf fortress name generator
by CJ McDaniel // January 17  

Fantasy offers a way for people, young and old, to escape reality. Whether reading or playing a game, a world full of imaginary beings and involvements can clear the mind of current troubles. 

Fantasy takes many forms; books, games, or even film – and has grown to immense popularity in recent years for the avid fan who can’t get enough of fantasy. The dwarf fortress is such a tool in a game; it is a simulator contest focused on building a city.

Dwarf Fortress comprises buildings known as fortresses. These fortresses need to have a name. A Dwarf Fortress Name Generator is what you would need in this case, especially when you are new to the game. 

Naming a character is one thing but naming a fortress requires know-how and creativity.

What Is Dwarf Fortress?

If you are a gamer, then Dwarf Fortress should be familiar. This is a popular fantasy game based on building a city that consists of fortresses. 

This is accomplishable by manipulating dwarfs. It may seem very easy, but the game is anything but easy. 

Participants must build a fortress according to specified instructions and make it as functional as possible. 

Each time you load a new game, there is a fresh layout of buildings in 2D. The mission is to use the dwarfs to build on the layouts. 

Eventually, a city with intricacies will start to develop. Although its difficulty increases as you continue to play, there is no specified mission other than building and naming fortresses.

So far, it sounds easy, but on closer inspection, it is far more complex than just the buildings. 

The player controls the city’s citizens, the environment, physical features such as lakes, etc., making it much more complicated, and the game allows you to design the Dwarf down to a tee. This means you can customize their personalities, skills, and hobbies.

To some extent, the game includes detailed violence. When building the fortresses, there are chances of being attacked by goblins. The combat logs give a detailed explanation of what injury you or the enemy incurred. 

For example, if a gamer or one of his dwarfs loses an appendage or suffers an internal injury, the game keeps a log in disturbing details.


Dwarf Fortress has fans of every age. Some would compare the loyalty to this game to a cult. The game’s difficulty level is determined by how it is played; very high. Most players end up starting over since most of the fortresses succumb to attacks.

This fanbase has extended from loyal players to those who support the creators. This is in monetary donations or kind. Some fans donate money to support the game and the founders. 

Others give their time by troubleshooting the game itself, and it has to be done by those who understand and have dealt with codes. 

Away from the game, online communities offer assistance to newbies. They do this by sharing their experiences when they join the game. 

The communities are so invested in the game that they have created online and offline demonstrations and online live video chats. 

These platforms have enabled community members to meet and offer suggestions for improving the game.

Dwarf Forest Modes

The Dwarf Fortress is a game that comes with three main modes: fortress mode, adventurer mode, and legend mode. 

Fortress Mode

Fortress mode is a game stage where construction and management are the art. At this phase, you have access to only seven dwarfs. These dwarfs are equipped with sets of abilities that will be key in a building. 

The player also can get the proper provisions for the work ahead. Since the journey will involve some travel, provisions vary from livestock to equipment. 

They also have to scout for potential building sites. The details are so much that you have to identify the appropriate site based on the geological factors. This means that every rock on-site will factor in the building process. 

Also, pay attention to the natural resources and nature around the site. Since the dwarfs will build according to the design layout by the player, they could face obstacles if close attention was not in mind while preparing. 

Adventurer Mode

This mode leaves the player free to roam the world. Compared to fortress mode, the adventurer is only responsible for themselves. 

They can go out on adventures all over the world. A player is free to create an identity based on any race they choose. 

There are several races to choose from, not just the dwarves and goblins. These characters are free to go anywhere in the world to try and bring about “world peace.” However, they face many dangers and lose the level in the process.

Legend Mode

This mode is all about uncovering history. A player is enabled to explore the historical background of a world created. You cannot evaluate a history that does not exist. 

The character in the game can discover historical events by chatting up locals, visiting historical sites, and examining antiques and relics. They can also read historical documents and listen to folktales. 

The Reveal All Historical Events option should be set to yes to enjoy this mode. Otherwise, the player will have to go on adventures to uncover this.

Gameplay Effects 

Gameplay affects how the operations affect the attributes of a character in-game. The character can change the gameplay effect in three ways:

1. Personality Traits

An individual’s views shape personality traits and habits, in this example, what a character considers essential and what they do not. A good example is a dwarf that values family, hard work, and so on.

On the other hand, tendencies reflect how an individual acts. Although this is part of the overall game when choosing a dwarf, it is unclear how it affects overall gameplay.

2. Attributes

Attributes play a vital role in the gameplay effect. By definition, attributes effect is how a character is shaped by the physical and spirit or soul. This will affect the performance of a dwarf when they proceed with building or performing other duties.

3.  Mannerisms 

Mannerisms reflect how a person acts and reacts in their daily lives. They may walk funnily or greet others whenever they can. 

Although this is part of the game, it is also unclear what effect it has. It may just be to add interactivity or realism. 

Dwarf Fortress Names

According to the game, the names are usually two dwarf names. There are many unique dwarf fortress names, and our Dwarf Fortress name generator will help you get the best. However, here is a list of names to help you get started:


Demeter is one of those unique names that one cannot forget if you want to name your fortress and not forget this is a great option to settle on. It means mother nature in Greek.


Eartha is a feminine name that can fit whatever fortress you want to name. You can combine it with another name and have a unique combination. It means paying tribute to mother nature.


Another beautiful, unique name is Sienna. There are places known as Sienna, so you can use one if you do not want to forget. It means Scarlett earth in Italian. 


This is a dwarf name that can be an excellent name for a fortress. Aden is a feminine name but can be masculine with the right combination. It means potent in Spanish.


You may be thinking of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And you would be right. Esmeralda is a dwarf name you can name any fortress. It is also Spanish, and it means magnificent emerald.


Alvis is a unique one-of-a-kind name. If you want a good name that stands out and is not common, then this is the one. It means all prudent.


Bes is a short name for a fortress which makes it memorable. It is also unique and sweet. It comes from the Egyptians, and it means a joy bringer.


This name sounds unique and intimidating, making it perfect for a fortress. It originated from Latin, and it means the golden blade.


Eitri is a name that originates from a tale. It is also unique and beautiful once you understand how to pronounce it. The name is from Old Norse, and it means the frigid one.


Fantasy games are growing in popularity, and although Dwarf Fortress is not new in the market, it still has its fair share of active gamers. If you are one of them and want to name one of the fortresses you build, Dwarf Fortress Name Generator can help you out.

With thousands of unique and imaginative names that work, it’s the most powerful tool for generating relevant names for you. This article seeks to help you understand the game to a degree and expose you to some of the names you can use on your quest.

Aside from this article, we hope that our Dwarf Fortress name generator would be of great assistance to you. If you’re looking for more random name generators for your fiction, check out our collection of Fiction Name Generators here.

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