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by CJ McDaniel // January 31  

Skilled writers struggle every day to come up with names for their characters. A character’s name is vital to the story. It is a gateway to identifying and learning about their roles in a story.

Seasoned writers spend hours trying to figure out the most appropriate names for their characters. 

Coming up with names is never as easy as it looks. Since writers have to get the names right, picking the exemplary character can be stressful.

But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult? With the Greek name generator, you get access to several brilliant suggestions. The names created by the Greek name generator are carefully chosen to reflect the personality, history, and identity of the character or location.

It is a necessity for any writer, as it allows you to focus on conveying the story instead of coming up with character names.

What Is Everyday Life Like In Modern Greece?

Ancient Greece was an exciting period in history. The stories have been told and retold countless times. But, comparatively, not much is known about modern-day Greece.

Greece is still every bit as interesting as it once was. The culture, traditions, and literature are still very vibrant. The people are lovely, and their food is incredible.

Greek and English are the two most spoken languages in the country. You will find it easy to interact with most people.

The country is relatively safe. Greece rarely suffers any terror attacks. The streets are also safe, with comparatively lower crime rates than most countries in western Europe. Most towns have a good police presence, and the city streets are lit adequately at night.

Greece has an excellent healthcare system. The country has a universal healthcare system. Compared to the United States, healthcare is quite affordable. You get guaranteed free healthcare for emergency cases. Free emergency healthcare is extended to non-residents.

In present-day Greece, the cost of living is significantly lower than in other parts of Europe. Renting in Greece cities is estimated to be about less than half the cost of renting in Western European countries.

Greece actively encourages immigration, thanks to its Golden Visa program. The government created the program to act as an incentive for foreign investors in the wake of the financial crisis in the country. It is relatively easy to become a resident of the country.

Public transportation is the way to go. With such efficiently managed transport systems, you would hardly need to own a vehicle.

The food in Greece is simply sumptuous. You get great options for everyone, including vegans.

The typical Greek diet consists of cheese, cod, garlic, anchovies. Other popular snacks are the bougasta and the havla.

Greece has incredible architecture and culture. The museums are teaming with relics from ancient Greece. 

There are several UNESCO heritage sites, including Delphi, Corfu, Old Athens, and Delos, to mention a few. It is the perfect tourist destination for you and your loved ones.

Present Day Greek Literature

You have probably heard all the incredible stories of ancient Greece by now. The civilization gave birth to many tales that are still famous today.

The incredible stories of Achilles, Daedalus, Icarus, the origin of Athens are just some of the most famous tales from the golden era of Greek literature.

Greek literature is still as vibrant as it has ever been. Let us take a look at some of their famous literary works:

Yannis Ritsos: Diaries Of Exile

Diaries of Exile by Yannis Ritsos is a book that encapsulates the incredible resilience and mental fortitude of its author. The book talks of real-life events in the life of the Greek poet.

The writer talks of the struggles he endured fighting on the frontline of the Second World War. It also talks about the author’s tragic childhood, where he lost his mother at a tender age.

The book showcases challenges and how the author overcame these hardships. He became one of the best poets of the modern era.

Josephine Angelini: Goddess

Goddess is a romantic piece of literature featuring Hellen, the main character. The fictional stories tell the protagonist’s story, who inadvertently released gods on Mount Olympus.

The book is excellent for casual reading. It has many ancient Greek characters.

Alexandros Papadiamantis: The Murderess

The Murderess is one of the most contentious tales in modern-day Greece. The author paints a bleak picture of life, shedding light on all the ills and suffering through the protagonist.

Hadoula, the protagonist, was a known herbalist on the island of Skiathos. The book, through Hadoula, reflects on the unbearable nature of life and all the depression surrounding mortality.

The controversy occurs when she takes it upon herself to put her granddaughter out of these perceived miseries.

Number 31382

The novel is set in 1919, just after the conclusion of the Second World War. It is a biography of the experiences of Elias Venezis, who recounted the events of the Turkish genocide.

The author recounts his life as an enslaved person in the Amele Taburu. It was a labor battalion for the Ottoman Empire that forcefully conscripted its fighters.

Elias Venezis was one of the 23 of the 3000 soldiers to survive the interior match. The book sheds light on the evils of war and persecution.

The Last Temptation Of Christ

The Last Temptation of Christ is a controversial piece of literature based on the life of Jesus Christ. The book has evoked a lot of criticism from believers, and not least the Roman Catholic Church for its heretic themes.

The book suggests that Jesus Christ underwent lustful temptation during His mission on earth. It tries to portray Jesus as having dual characteristics and not just being righteous. The book was later adapted into a film.

The Only Journey Of His Life

The Only Journey of His Life is a story written by a young tailor apprentice. The boy journeys to Constantinople, where he retells the story of his travels to his grandfather. His grandfather informs him that he hadn’t been on any extraordinary journeys of his own.

His grandfather recounts his childhood story. He informs his grandson that he was imprisoned in his house in his youth till he got married. The reason is the Turk’s forceful conscription of boys to the army.

The Turks avoided married people, thus why his grandfather had been imprisoned.

Greek Names For Your Characters

If you are writing a Greek novel, you want to capture the characters correctly. The names should resonate with the personalities and attributes of the subjects to make the story captivating.

There are many excellent Greek names, and our name generator will help you get the best. Here are some suggestions provided by the Greek name generator:

Male names

  • Orestis

Orestis is the perfect name for a strong character who conquers anything in his way. He has no perceived weaknesses and displays ruthlessness on his journey to success.

  • Malellis

Malellis is appropriate for a sympathetic character. He is a caring individual who goes out of his way to help and care for others.

  • Agapios

Agapios is a lover. He is an individual who will go to great lengths for the people near and dear to him.

  • Ioann

Ioannis is ideal for a character who has risen from nothing in his journey to success. He is a rag to riches story.

  • Vasilios

The character is appropriate for a snobbish individual who is a member of the aristocratic class. He has always been in the upper echelons of society.

  • Theodoras

Theodoras is a character that was meant for greatness. He relies more on his natural talent as opposed to hard work. It is often the source of his downfall.

  • Theofylaktos

Theofylaktos is befitting of an overtly promiscuous character. His greatest weakness is his unquenchable desire for sexual gratification.

  • Vaso

Vaso is the name of a character who is the direct descendant of royalty.

Female Names

  • Elena

Elena is befitting of a character that inspires hope among people. She displays excellent leadership in the face of adversity.

  • Rhodiola

Rhodiola is a person who is conflicted. She is caught at a crossroads, where she has to decide what path to take.

  • Liza

Liza is a character who shows great promise at an early age. With the correct guidance, she could become great.

  • Melli

Melli is a talented person. She seems excellent at almost anything she touches.

  • Rinoglou

She is a famous character with an incredible reputation.

  • Rena

A happy character capable of finding joy in any situation.

  • Eva

Eva is befitting of a character who is so full of life.


Coming up with character names for your novel or play is not as easy as it looks. You can spend hours working on the script, intuitively generating a captivating masterpiece, only to realize that the character names aren’t clicking.

Greek names tend to be challenging to form. Spontaneously coming up with these names take time. A tool can help you generate thousands of Greek names effortlessly.

With the Greek name generator, you get access to excellent suggestions that will assist you in capturing your character’s personalities accurately.

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