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by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Vampire-based novels are all the rage, especially for young adult audiences. These books have become popular, with solid and loyal fan bases across the globe.

It cannot be easy to put together the perfect story as a creative writer. It is even harder coming up with the perfect character names.

Character names are important. They are the gateway to understanding the personality and intentions of the subjects in a literary piece. These names should be exciting and practical to capture the readers’ attention.

Trying to come up with a name that ticks all the boxes can be tiring and frustrating. It is time-consuming and shifts the author’s attention away from the task that matters, which is coming up with the perfect story. A name generator comes handy if you are struggling to find name for a vampire character. 

The Vampire Name Generator will help you choose the best names and will provide creative and practical suggestions. 

Lives And Origins Of Vampires

We have all come to love and enjoy pieces about vampires and their interactions. Did you know that people conjured these fictional characters due to actual happenings?

The origins of the myth can be traced back to Europe during the time of the black death. As the plague ravaged Europe, decimating the population, some factions believed that mythical creatures caused the origins of the dreadful disease.

It is believed that the plague was caused by diseased folks coming out to drink blood from living people. 

This diseased folk was known as a vampire. The myth was later used to explain the origins of diseases such as porphyria, rabies, and pellagra.

Vampires were linked to the existence and rapid spreading of disease in Europe. It was when there wasn’t serious advancement in the fields of science and medicine. 

The most famous vampire of all time was Dracula. He was an aristocratic figure in Transylvania. He had with him several supernatural abilities.

These abilities included form manipulation, hypnosis, the ability to transform into a cluster of bats, etc.

Vampires have historically been perceived as evil creatures that brought great suffering to humans. The modern-day depiction of vampires tries to correct the narrative.

Appearance And Identification Of Vampires

Vampires are not easy to identify. They take up human form and infiltrate human circles discreetly. 

Only when you look closely will you tell a vampire apart from a regular human being. Here are some of their observable and non-observable characteristics:

1. Pale skin tone

Vampires have ashen skin. These creatures are very sensitive to light and spend little time in direct sunlight. 

The sun is corrosive to their skin. There are particular types of vampires that have evolved to overcome sun sensitivity. Some rings protect vampires from the sun.

2. Retractable fangs

Vampires have fangs that retract to being regular canines. They can draw the fangs as a reflex in times of danger. They use the fangs to puncture the skin and draw blood from their victims. Their diet primarily consists of blood.

3. No reflections

One of the telltale signs that a creature is a vampire is a lack of reflection. Vampires do not appear in mirrors or even cameras. They blend in with the background as though they are not there. It allows them to sneak up on people in the mirror, as they have the element of surprise.

4. Vampires and aristocracy

Vampires tend to live in large castle-like houses. These have been their residences for hundreds of years.

The houses have gothic architecture, with medieval-style paintings and furniture. Vampires are typically wealthy individuals.

5. Dieting

Vampires may look like humans, but they cannot eat human food.

General Weaknesses Of Vampires

Vampires are formidable foes to creatures like werewolves or even hybrids. They are cunning, strong, and almost undefeatable. All vampires, however, share some common weaknesses. They include:

1. Garlic

Garlic is as corrosive to vampires as sulphuric acid is to humans. Garlic is a proper way to ward off any vampires that might be lurking. Garlic water could cause a vampire to melt into a puddle of water and smoke.

2. Holy water

As vampires have evil origins, people use holy water to keep them at bay. Holy water is corrosive to vampires. It is sprinkled in homes to deter them from getting in. vampires can detect the presence of holy water.

3. Silverware

Silver objects repulse vampires. Even an object as innocuous as a spoon can have severe consequences on a vampire’s wellbeing. They tend to avoid silver objects like utensils, coins, bullets, etc.

4. Sunlight

One of the most effective ways of defeating a vampire is by exposing it to direct sunlight. Vampires operate under cover of darkness. 

It is rare to spot a vampire out during the day. Unique hybrid vampires can withstand the intensity of sunlight.

How Are Vampires Made?

Unlike other beings, vampires are not born. Vampires come into existence in two ways. They include:

1. A vampire bites on a human

A vampire can transform a human through a bite on the neck. Once a human is bitten, it will slowly start turning. 

The first sign is an unrelenting urge to drink blood, followed by paleness on the skin. Heightened sensitivity to sunlight accompanies it.

Eventually, the fangs develop, and the conversion process is complete.

2. A curse

Witches can make a vampire through a curse. The curse starts working after the person’s death who is placed under it. They are reborn as youthful vampires and stay in that state till they are destroyed.

Famous Books And Novels On Vampires

Vampire books and novels have become mainstream. Popular titles have millions of fan bases around the world. 

These books are fascinating, the stories have been immaculately told, and they keep you wanting more.

These titles are popular among young adults, but anyone can enjoy these books. Here are some famous novels:

Anne Rice: Interview with The Vampire

It is a story about the protagonist Louis, who gets turned into a vampire against his will. Louis meets Claudia and turns her into a vampire. 

The pair travel through Europe pretending to be humans while successfully running a vampire theater. 

George Martin: Fevre Dream

A young Abner Mash receives an offer from Joshua York to travel down the Mississippi searching for gold. 

It is a story of a vampire’s effort to unite humanity and a race of vampires and York’s unquenchable thirst for immortality. 

Silvia Garcia: Certain Dark Things

A story is told of Atl, a vampire on the run from a narco-vampire clan. She ends up meeting Domingo in the streets of New Mexico. New Mexico, at the time, is a hostile city overrun by dirty cops.

Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark

Dead until Dark is a novel about a star-struck young girl upon meeting a vampire. The novel tells a story of romance and brinksmanship, as Sookie flirts with danger.

Jewel Gomez: The Gilda

The story goes of a vampire, Gilda, a formerly enslaved person. For two centuries, she has desired to be part of a community. She realizes her dreams when she runs into a vampire family.

Seth Smith: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Aside from his exploits in freeing the enslaved people and uniting the north and the south, Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. 

He secretly takes the fight against these evil creatures, decimating them, and stops them from terrorizing the people.

Stephen King: Salem’s Lot

The scene is set in the famous town of Salem. It is up to a man and a boy to confront a despicable vampire staying in the town.

Vampire Name Suggestions For Your Novel

Here are some vampire names that you can use for your book:

Male Names

  • Asmodeus

He is an evil vampire who is a member of the upper echelons of society.

  • Grimbald

He is a compassionate vampire who seeks to defend less privileged vampires.

  • Rhazien

He is an outcast and the black sheep of his family.

  • Taos

He’s a young vampire who is insecure about his place in the world.

  • Eoin

He’s an ambitious vampire who desires to be the headcount. 

  • Marcellus

He is an impressionable young vampire with big dreams.

Female Names

  • Narcisa

She’s an aristocratic vampire with incredible amounts of wealth.

  • Electra

She is a deviant who desecrated the clan’s laws by falling for a werewolf. 

  • Viessa

She is a beautiful and charming vampire who gets whatever she desires.

  • Mira

She’s an ex-human cursed for all eternity to live as a vampire.

  • Antoinette

She’s an adventurous vampire who loves making trouble.


Creatives at all experience levels struggle every day to develop the proper fictional names. Whether they’re writing plays, books, or film scripts, coming up with fictional names is challenging. A name generator is a perfect tool to use for naming your vampire characters.

With the Vampire Name Generator, you can easily pick vampire names. The tool gives you access to excellent suggestions at the tap of a button. The writing tool is essential for anyone writing a vampire-based piece. 

In addition to the vampire name suggestions provided in this article, you can also consider using the Vampire name generator!

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