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wood elf name generator
by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

As the name suggests, wood elves live in mountains or forests, and their homes aren’t visible. Wood elves hide their homes that ordinary people can’t easily see and are confusing. 

Their eyes are brown, hazel, and brown, while their skin is copper. Wood elves wear regular clothes made from leather. In most narratives, they ideally know how to make flexures, landmarks, etc. 

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Wood Elves

The other name for wood elves is copper elves. In all the eleven races, they are the most populous. 

According to wood elves, they were guardians of forest homes, abandoned after and before the crown wars and retreats. 

Unlike other elves, wood elves didn’t consider themselves as people. It’s easy to identify the wood elves because of their hazel, brown, green eyes and coppery skin. 

Their clothes were simple and had similarities to moon elves’ clothes. The clothing had few bold colors but with most earth tones which blended with their natural surroundings. 

Wood elves’ lifestyle is naturalistic and harsh, and thus they love wearing leather armor. Interestingly they wear it even when there’s no immediate threat. 

Wood elves and other elves were roughly identical in build and height. The Male was larger than the females. 

They were more potent than other elven races. However, they were less cerebral than their counterparts, sun elves and moon elves, valued education.

Choosing The Perfect Wood Elf Character Name 

The best way to think and choose the right wood elf name is by considering its origin, home and parents. You should also find out when the wood elf was born and their parents. 

Parents usually influence the personalities of wood elves and their names. For example, the wood elf’s parents might be lovers but romantically interact with other elves. 

The character name can come from the parent’s freedom. 

Wood Elves Types

  • Warhammer wood elf
  • Bosmer wood elf
  • Druids wood elf
  • Elder scrolls wood elf 
  • Skyrim wood elf 

Wood Elves Name List

Wood elves’ names are usually quite similar to the other eleven names. However, most urban-oriented wood elf names don’t have grace. 

However, their names are usually noble-like and sound poetic, like Lysanthir. You can also find wood elf names that are not delicate such as Login, Kalgan, and many more.  

Wood elves’ last names are different than other species members. Names are words tied to objects, animals, and plant names. 

  • Seldanna Oridi
  • Alenia Enrona
  • Shenarah Daexidor
  • Kenia Dana
  • Siraye Yllawynn
  • Vestele Elpeiros
  • Sumina Yelsatra
  • Nambra Bryxalim
  • Arathorn Genharice
  • Jonik Sarynore

Wood Elf Name Formula 

Elf names are pretty complicated. The great thing is that there are several ways one can combine words to make a perfect wood elf name. 

First Name

You do not necessarily have to follow a specific formula to form the wood elf names. However, here are a few examples of how you can develop an excellent wood elf name. 

  • However, you can use names from other subspecies and select more poetic pronunciation. Wood elves from other subspecies usually have different family history heritage. Names can include Tarasynora, Lydi’aleera, and many more.
  • There are many other less elegant, plain, and straightforward names. The role of such names is to express the simplistic and raw nature. Examples are Imra, Jandar, etc. 

Last Name

The last name is simply the surname, and there are two unique and straightforward ways to find a good name. You can combine an adjective or a verb with plants, objects, and animals. 

  • Adjective + plant – blue ivy, green rose 
  • Adjective + animal – white fowl or red fox
  • Adjective + object – bright moon 

You can create the best wood elf names using this formula. 


Their personality is fantastic, and Wood Elf Name Generatorwere level-headed and calm. It was easy to arouse strong emotions in wood elves. 

Wood elves didn’t love large cities; they did lose passion for urbanization after Eaelann’s fall. According to wood elves, things like civilization, tall buildings, and walls were temporary, and nature would overcome them. 

The attitude was condescending, weakening their bonds with other elves races. Other wood elves were off-putting than other races, and their gruff manner made them less charismatic. 

However, they were so humble and compassionate. Wood elves’ sexual and romantic relationships were in line with nature. They could freely engage or cease relations with other partners. 

Other elven races loved to tease and mock wood elves, making them jealous and possessive. Therefore other elves believed that any friendships with wood elves were doomed to fail from the start. 


The wood elves did consider themselves heirs of ancient elven empires that did exist before the crown wars. Wood elves were a proud people but believed that compassion was better than strength. 

To them, expansion was not a priority, and they did value having good relations with neighbors. They were not nomadic and lived in villages with perfect organizations and concealed. 

Wood elves were under one hierarchy known as gerontocratic. It had village councils made of eldest distinguished family members. Councils did sort advice from local druids who didn’t involve themselves in woo elven politics. 

Unlike other elves races, wood elves have zero interest in arcane arts. Wood elves loved adventures that later became careers that did not require arcane magic. 

However, many became fighters and used their natural skills to handle obstacles. Again unlike other elves races, most wood elves did not become blade singers or spell singers. 

Arcane magic and arcane archers were taboos among wood elves. Wood elves living in more remote areas had barbarian lifestyles. 

Most of the religious wood elves later became druids. 

However, wood elves did rank clerics under the same light as wizards. Some elves that were clerics later became hierophants, while the adventurer wood elves later became harpers. 

Magic And Religion

Generally, wood elves are so uncomfortable with many magic forms. They do not trust some arcane spell casters and wizards. 

According to wood elves, the prayers by a cleric and other spell casters are useless. They were comfortable with druids, shamans, and primal barbarian magic. 

Wood elves saw this magic as the most genuine expression and the best reflection of nature. Like other elves, the wood elves did worship seldarine but not exclusively. 

Wood elves loved the gods mielikki and Silvanus because of their love and protection for nature. Elves have many gods, but wood elves mostly worship Rillifane Rallathil Solonor Thelandira. 

It’s because they had a special connection with the wilderness. The archery god was the most popular among wood elves who thought of him as their protector. 

Art And Leisure 

Wood elves loved their natural surroundings, and this explains their art. Unlike the wild animals and wild elves, wood elves didn’t love wandering in the forests. 

Usually, they did their best to ensure they didn’t interfere with natural surroundings. Their beliefs had a massive impact on their architecture. Wood elf houses furnishing was wood and natural fieldstone. 

Environments of wood elves had much resemblance with their surroundings that humans could pass through them without noticing. The interaction of wood elves with other races reduced their cultural practices. 

However, a large part of the wood elves still did live according to their ancestors. Wood elves weren’t great metalworkers because of their inclination to the natural environment. 

Therefore they did not have any interest in developing or sharpening their skills. They were, however, among the world’s best carpenters, stoneworkers, etc. In addition, they crafted high-quality arrows and bow and were perfect in leather tanning. 

Their arrows were unique and could fly more than usual, and some were for sending signals. Wood elven guarded their crafting secrets against other races. 

The races found it quite challenging to emulate wood elves’ designs. Their leather armors were fantastic when it came to camouflage. 

It was difficult for potential enemies to notice wood elven. 

Wood elves combined their crafting skills with wild elven designs, looking surprisingly elegant.

Relation With Other Races 

Wood elves are known to be so proud. However, they do not love to put xenophobia and superiority on air; to them, it was detrimental. 

After looking at their ancient empires and failures, they felt that compassion and humility are better than military or political strength. The races that mostly meet with wood elves are humans and native dwarves from the north. 

However, it’s pretty difficult for humans and dwarves to interact with wood elves. But when they meet, wood elves are usually so friendly. 


In Faerun, elves are simply the last of all the high elves sub-races. They are a unique species and love nature. 

Naming your wood elf character can be tricky and time-consuming because it needs a lot of combinations. Wood Elf Name Generator is here to help so there’s no need to put yourself through the stress of coming up with elf names.

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