Fantasy Land Name Generator: Mix And Match Names 

fantasy land name generator
by CJ McDaniel // February 27  

Naming fantasy lands needs some creativity. The names you choose should have similarities to real-world places and need slight alteration. 

You can name your fantasy lands using old names, long names, etc.

However, in fantasy, the land building is more involved. You will have to put extra focus on creating the best land names. 

A fantasy land name generator uses unique techniques and logarithms to create the perfect land names. You can check it out for the best land name ideas.

Fantasy Genre 

Fantasy/ fiction works offer many readers the good escapism that helps endure everyday difficulties. Fictional stories pull the readers out of their heads and are limited or not limited by their imaginations. 

Fantasy writers explore different themes by developing their worlds. The worlds may have aliens, dragons, and other strange creatures. 

Therefore fantasy is a literature gene with supernatural and magical elements nonexistent in the natural world. 

However, certain writers use the real world but fill it with fantastical elements. Most fantasy works are speculative and aren’t dependent on scientific fact or reality.

How To Create Fantasy Land Name

The fantasy land name generator will surely help you get the perfect land names without a struggle. However, you might want to create your own. 

You can use several easy and quick techniques to create fantasy land names quickly. Before creating the name, you need to think of the land type you want to create. 

You might want a fun-type land name or a real-sounding name. After settling for what you want, you can use any of the following techniques to create a perfect name. 

The first and easy technique is simply combining nouns and adjectives to generate a great-sounding land name. The technique allows you to describe your land with only two simple words. 

Plus, your readers will know what to expect at the mention of the land names. You can come up with island names such as Ancient Lotus Tropic and many more. 

Another fantastic technique you can use is taking a person’s name and then adding a land name at the end. It works if you are creating a mysterious land. You can end up with names such as Kai Rocket. 

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Fantasy Land 

Use Names From Things and Places around You

At the time, you don’t have to overcomplicate your fantasy names. You can use something simple and relatable like Mt. Doom. 

It’s an iconic and brilliant place in the real world and perfectly fits the fantasy land. If you do not want a unique name that is not too popular in most fantasies, you can create something unique from the things surrounding you. 

It is pretty simple to look at the names of towns, cities, and streets; you can also consider different states and countries. Pick a name that interests you and recreate them into something unique. 

You can do this by simply rearranging the letters. However, ensure your readers can pronounce the word, and it should be good. 

Should Be Memorable and Easy To Pronounce 

You’ve probably read other similar works if you write a fantasy book. You can choose easy to remember and pronounce names, such as Hogwarts, etc. 

Plus, it can be a common word like Mt. Doom. Always consider names that are easy to pronounce, which means they shouldn’t be complicated. 

There are many ways to develop such words, and the fantasy land name generator is one of them. 

Types Of Fantasy And Subgenres 

Fantasy is ever-growing and has robust subgenres. Certain writers combine all of them, while others work with one. Here are some essential fantasy subgenres. 

High or Epic Fantasy

The stories here are usually magical and have physical laws and rules. The themes and plots of the subgenres have a grand scale and do focus on well-developed heroes, bands, or heroes.  

Low Fantasy 

It’s usually set in the real world and has unexpected magical elements. The happenings shock characters.

Sword and Sorcery  

It’s under high fantasy, and it does focus on sword-wielding heroes. The best example is Robert E Howard’s Conan, the titular barbarian, and in other witchcraft or magic fictions. 

Dark Fantasy

It’s a type of fantasy that combines horror and fantasy. The primary purpose of such fantasy is to frighten or unnerve the readers, such as vast and otherworldly monsters.

Magical Realism

It has some notable similarities with low fantasy. The characters in this fantasy take fantastical elements such as telekinesis and levitation.  


It uses fables, supernatural, and personified animals. The fantasy’s central role is imparting moral lessons.  

Fairy Tales 

They are the perfect children’s fantasies and are known as folk tales and fairy tales. The setting of these tales takes place in distant magical worlds. 

Characters might include supernatural characters such as witches, dragons, trolls, and many more. 

Superhero Fiction 

Heroes in these fantasy stories do not acquire special abilities using scientific means like radiation exposure. The protagonists here have supernatural powers.

Origin Of Fantasy Genre 

In literature, the fantastical elements have been a massive part of storytelling. It is evident in ancient mythologies, magic, monstrous beasts, religious texts, and folklore. 

Fantasy is among the most recent literature genres. It differs from its predecessor slightly in that readers know its authors, plus audiences understand the work is fictitious. 

Modern fantasy did begin in the 18th century. During the chivalry period, the European tales and romances with fantastical elements were believable. 

The fantasy genre has witnessed many diversity, popularity, and changes.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, And Horror 

The three literature genres overlap; however, they have some distinct characteristics. 


All the works of this genre do not depend on speculation or scientific fact. Fantasy is usually about magical elements, the supernatural, and many more. 

Best fantasy book examples are the Harry Potter series, giants, dragons, etc. 


The genre is known for its horrific elements, and its primary focus is on mood. The fundamental aim of the horror genre is to create an unsettling atmosphere that offers the reader intense dread and fear. 

Horror’s setting and circumstances can be entirely realistic. However, horror usually has some elements of science fiction and fantasy. 

Science Fiction 

Science fiction and technology have some strong similarities. It’s always about the current technological scenarios that can become better and reality in the future. 

Fantasy Characteristic And Elements 

As mentioned fantasy genre is diverse and broad. Many fantasy stories have standard features and narrative themes. Here are some of them: 

  • Good vs. evil
  • Change vs. traditional 
  • Coming of age
  • Nature vs. man
  • The heroic
  • Love/ betrayal 

These are a part of the themes, and of course, many of these themes are prevalent in other literature genes. 

The best example is the young adult fiction which features betrayal, love, evil vs. love variations, and a coming of age. 

One thing that differentiates fantasy from other genres is its untethering from reality. Usually, the stories talk about the actual human condition; however, they use fantastic elements like magic. 

All writings depend on imagination, but fantasy is best for those that want to go out of their limits.

Benefits Of Fantasy

Fantasy is quite ancient, but it has a bad rap. Educators claim that fantasy is not great and can confuse children. To others, it’s simply frivolous or silly. 

Therefore there are many questions about fantasy. Should children avoid fantasy books, entertainment, and plays? Or does one waste time reading fantasy fiction? 

The good thing is children are pretty savvy when it comes to fantasy elements. Children can tell that fantasy stories are implausible. 

According to research, fantasy books, play, and fiction are excellent and beneficial to children. It stimulates creativity and adds to their vocabulary. 

Children can develop excellent self-regulation skills, positively affecting their working memory performance. 

Examples Of Popular Fantasy Lands 

Fantasy land is simply fictional land that the writer creates through fiction such as games, film, and literature. A typical fantasy land has nonexistence technology, magical abilities, etc. 

Others do have futuristic or historical themes. Fantasy land is usually parallel to lands on earth through a wormhole or magical portal in some works. 

Many fantasy worlds depend on geography, folklore, mythology, and world history. Here is a list of some of the most popular fantasy lands. 

  • Amber 
  • Alastor 
  • Author 
  • Blest
  • Camelot
  • Bedrock 


All in all, creating a name for your fictional land is usually quite tricky. However, there’s inspiration all around us. You can pick your fantasy land name any time. 

Plus, it’s also possible to use various techniques in creating some unique names. To others creating fantasy land names on their own can be pretty tricky. 

It’s because the process can be long, plus there are so many similar land names already. However, a fantasy land name generator is a fantastic tool to generate perfect fantasy land names for you. 

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