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Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management app created by users for users of e-books. It offers many features organized into key categories including:

1) Library Management
Calibre’s primary function is managing a digital library of e-books in multiple formats. You can sort them according to author, title or series as well as ratings tags or metadata – creating virtual bookshelves is also an option to help organize your collection further.

Your library will remain up-to-date as you make online purchases through various bookstores. In addition, this software can download metadata and covers for e-books from multiple online sources allowing you to easily keep tabs on them all.

2) E-book Conversion
This tool lets you convert e-books from one format to another so you can read them on any device, supporting many input and output formats such as EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 and PDF.

Edit your e-books using these methods:

– Change font size, font face and margin settings
– Add or delete chapter headings
Insert tables of contents
– Split or merge files

3) E-book Viewing
Calibre offers its own built-in e-book viewer that offers these features:

Text search
– Annotations
– Bookmarks
Copy and Paste
Table of contents
– Full screen mode

4) Plugins
Calibre boasts an expansive plugin system to enhance its features and functionality further. Plugins for things such as:

– Downloading news from websites and converting it to an e-book format,
– Adding support for new formats
– Synchronizing libraries with mobile devices
– Connecting with online bookstores
– And many more

Calibre is an extremely useful program for managing, converting and viewing electronic books. Packed with features yet easily navigated by beginners or power users alike. Calibre will meet all your e-book reading needs!

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