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A series is any collection of related books published consecutively that form some set. Trilogies are the most well-known genre of series; others might feature shared themes, such as the Harry Potter or Jack Reacher series, while still others focus on shared protagonists or themes like the Jack Reacher books.

Series are crucially important for several reasons:

  1. They allow authors to tell longer tales than would fit into one book alone.
  2. Readers can follow the plot over an extended period and become invested in its characters and world.
  3. Publishers rely on series to keep readers coming back for more.

A series is an effective way for authors to tell longer tales than could fit into one book, as well as explore more aspects of characters or worlds that interest readers. Furthermore, series can be powerful marketing tools; readers who enjoy one will likely seek out all subsequent titles.

Series are an important aspect of book publishing and provide numerous advantages for authors and readers. Authors use series as an effective way to tell longer, more involved tales that wouldn’t fit in one book; readers get invested in characters and the world over an extended period; publishers use series to keep readers coming back for more.

As with writing any series, there are a few key points to remember when creating one. First, having a clear vision of the series’ focus and duration from the outset can make staying on course easier and prevent writing yourself into a corner.

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