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What are Points?

Points are the basic measurement unit in the printing industry. They are used to measure the thickness of a given sheet of paper. One point is equal to 1/1000th of an inch.

A point (pt) is a unit of measure used in printing and bookbinding. One point is equal to 1/72 of an inch (0.0139 inches or 0.3527 mm). In digital printing, points are frequently used as a unit of measure for font sizes, leading (the space between lines of text), and other items on a page.

The purpose of points is to help ensure that a given print job will be of consistent quality. By using points to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper, print providers can ensure that each sheet in a print job is of the same thickness. This helps to prevent issues such as pages jamming in printers or ink smudging.

In addition to helping ensure consistent print quality, points can also be used to estimate the cost of a print job. The thicker the paper, the more points it will have. The more points a print job has, the more it will cost. This is because thicker paper requires more ink and is more difficult to print on.

While points are the standard measurement unit in the printing industry, some print providers may also use pounds or GSM (grams per square meter) to measure the thickness of a given sheet of paper. However, points are the most common unit of measurement and are typically used when pricing print jobs.

In the world of books and printing, points are important for a variety of reasons. They help to ensure that the text is aligned properly on the page, they can be used to create decorative borders or other design elements, and they can be helpful in creating a consistent look for a book or print project. In addition, points can be helpful in ensuring that the text is readable and that the overall design of the book or print project is pleasing to the eye.

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