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In literature, highlighting selects and marks important passages to be remembered and reviewed later. This is usually done with a pen or pencil but can also be done electronically. Highlighting can be a helpful way to identify and review key concepts, themes, and quotes. It can also be a helpful way to keep track of your reading progress.

When highlighting, it is crucial to be selective. Only some sentences or paragraphs in a book are worth highlighting. Try to focus on the most important or impactful passages.

As you read, ask yourself questions like:
-What are the main ideas in this section?
-What are the author’s key points?
-What are the most memorable quotes?
-What passages are most relevant to my life or interests?

You can also highlight passages that you find confusing or difficult to understand. Identifying these sections can help you to focus your studies and better comprehend the material.

When reviewing your highlights, ask yourself why you marked each passage. Was it because it was necessary, interesting, or valuable? Or was it just because it was a pretty turn of phrase? Be critical in your review, and only keep the significant highlights to you.

Highlighting is using a pen (or other markers) to draw attention to specific passages in a book – for example, by underlining them with ink – typically as an aid when studying. Hence, the highlighted text might usually appear surrounded by underlines, etc., which may appear colored if different colors were used for various purposes (e.g., green for easy mistakes).

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