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Underlining is a form of annotation used by readers to mark sections of a book that they find important, interesting, or insightful. When underlining text, readers typically use a pencil or highlighter to draw a line beneath the target passages. Some readers also make notes in the margins next to underlined sections.

The purpose of underlining text is to help the reader identify and remember key information from the book. Underlining can also be used as a way to make personal comments or observations about the text. For instance, a reader might underline a particularly moving passage and write a note in the margins about how the passage made them feel.

While underlining can be a helpful tool for readers, it is important to use this annotation technique sparingly. Over-underlining can actually have the opposite effect of what is intended, making it difficult for readers to identify the most important passages in a book. When underlining, it is best to focus on marking only the most impactful or interesting sections of text.

Underlining can be a helpful way to emphasize key points in a book, but it can also be distracting if overused. When underlining, be sure to use a consistent mark that won’t be confused with other marks in the text. This could be a simple line under the text or a more elaborate system of different colors or symbols.

Underlining can be used for a number of reasons:

To draw attention to important information

To make note of something you want to remember

To emphasize a point you want to make in a book report or essay

To keep track of different characters, plot points, or themes as you read

Underlining is still an important way to mark important passages in books. Although underlining has fallen out of favor in recent years, it is still a valid and useful way to indicate important sections of text. Underlining can be used in conjunction with other methods of marking, such as highlighting, to create a more comprehensive system of annotation.

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