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Underlining is a method of commenting on readers who use it to print sections of remarkable, scintillating, or illuminating interest within a book. Readers usually underline by making a line under the challenged text utilizing a pencil or highlighter. Some readers also write notes in the margin, aside from the margin next to the passages underlined.

One of the main reasons for underlining text is to show the reader what information to pay special attention to in the book. Underlining can also allow for giving personal commentary or comments on the text. One example might be how a reader highlights something particularly moving and writes in the margins how he feels moved.

Although underlining can benefit readers, the writer must control this annotation technique. But underlining too much can backfire. The most significant passages can be challenging to discover amidst the vines. In underlining, one should do more than just try to create a record of every sentence worth mentioning. Instead, the underlining should only recap the text’s most critical or exciting parts.

Six or seven of the 12 most recent books had no underlinings. Five-and-a-half of the rest used underlining as a way to emphasize essential passages. While underlining can effectively highlight critical points within a book, the sheer number can become distracting. Properly implement underlining so that an underline remains some fixed, defined mark; otherwise, it will be misled with other markings in the text. It could be a single line under the text or a complex system with different colors (or pictures) for additional messages.

Underlining can serve numerous purposes:

– Directing attention to important information
– Commemorating information worthy of remembrance
– Assembling a sentence to include in a good, summary book report or essay [Hint: Or, assembling a sentence (its main thrust) to include in a good, objective book report or essay. ]
– Visible allusions, which allow for easy tracking of characters, plot elements, and themes while reading a work

Underlining is still one of the most convenient ways to note essential book passages. Underlining has fallen from favor recently, but it remains a legitimate, effective way of marking significant text parts. Highlighting and underlining can be used together to create a better way of annotating.