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In the publishing and book industry, “highlight” refers to crucial elements or standout features of a book or written work. They can draw attention to pivotal sections, themes, or passages in different ways – from promotional material like blurbs and reviews to elements within the text itself.

Here are some ways in which the industry uses “highlights”:
1. Book covers: Highlights on a book cover might include visual elements such as graphics or text designed to catch the eye and convey something about what’s inside. It could also be as basic as putting a title where it’s easy for potential readers to see it, along with an author’s name, or involves trying out slogans that sum up the content in seconds.
2. Blurbs: Highlights on book back covers (or perhaps elsewhere) that advertise using short descriptions of what’s inside – often plucked from enthusiastic endorsements by people who have already read it – highlight whatever makes this story particularly tremendous or exciting.
3. Reviews: When you read about books online or in print media, there will often be so-called “highlights” that consist of one line pulled directly from within whatever is being reviewed plus at least one sentence explaining why they’re including it/what else struck them about this section anyway.
4. Bookstore Displays: In bricks-and-mortar bookstores, highlights are those eye-catching books prominently displayed on special shelves or tables. They might be new releases, popular titles, or books associated with a particular theme or genre – the idea is to get them noticed and encourage customers to pick them up.
5. Textual Highlights: Within the content of a book, a highlight can refer to an exceptionally well-written passage, an influential argument, or something thought-provoking that adds value for the reader. It could be marked by formatting such as bold typeface or italics so it stands out from the rest of the text; highlights could serve any number of purposes, from emphasizing key points and evoking emotion to simply providing memorable quotes readers may find irresistible.

Overall, in publishing terms at least, highlights are strategic tools used by publishers and authors to help whet potential readers’ appetites for what they’re selling – capturing their attention, creating interest, showing off the most appealing parts of what’s inside – in other words marketing themselves and their work as effectively as possible.

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