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A-format books refers to mass market paperbacks with trimmed page dimensions of 178x111mm (unsewn).

The A-format paperback standard size for mass-market paperbacks is 4.25 inches wide by 7.0 inches tall, with an approximate spine width of 0.5 inches. These page dimensions make this a convenient book format for readers to carry and fit comfortably into most purses or back pockets.

A-format books for mass market paperbacks is usually for publishing books that measure 4.25 inches wide by 7.0 inches tall and is smaller than the B-format, also often used by trade publishers for trade paperbacks.

These books are also usually published by major publishing houses that contain less than 200 pages, often published in mass quantities – hence their name. Small mass-market paperbacks in A-format are less costly than hardcover books and make an economical option for readers on a tight budget. Popular genres for mass-market paperbacks include romance and mystery novels and nonfiction works, such as literary texts. Recently some mass-market paperbacks have even been made available as electronic books giving readers more ways to consume reading material! From quick reads to classic novels, budget-conscious books such as those in A-format books are surefire winners!

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