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An advance print run is conducted before actual book printing to give printers proof of the book to check for errors and ensure correct printing of its pages. In addition, this print run tests the book’s color quality and verifies its print quality.

Copies of the book should be distributed to reviewers, booksellers, and libraries for review, given away at events, or used as prizes in contests to generate excitement and spread word-of-mouth marketing; this may also increase preorders.

An advance print run can also test the market for your book. If the copies are received positively, that can be taken as a good indication that its success lies ahead.
Advance print runs are typically done for books predicted to become bestsellers written by well-known authors or when publishing books in new formats like ebooks.

Pre-press is how printers produce limited copies of books before their official release date to garner early reviews and create word-of-mouth buzz about upcoming titles.

An advanced print run can serve many functions. Some of its more frequent services are:
1. Ensuring all book copies are identical before release to the public.
2. Spotting any errors or typos missed during editing processes.
3. Generate anticipation for an upcoming book before its publication date.
4. Allow reviewers and early readers to input before it hits shelves.

Advance print runs can be an invaluable marketing tool for publishers. They allow them to generate early reviews, build word-of-mouth buzz about upcoming books before their official releases, and gauge reader interest and demand; should strong interest exist for your book, publishers may reprint more copies to meet that demand.

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