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What Is an EPUB File?

An ePUB file (Electronic Portable Book format or EPUB for short) is a digital book or ebook specifically formatted to be read on electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. An EPUB consists of HTML pages with images as well as any assets to create its content easily downloaded in ZIP archive file form.

ePUB was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and has become an open standard. These files can be designed as reflowable – meaning that their size adjusts automatically based on screen sizes and font sizes – making them suitable for long-form reading such as novels, textbooks, and other forms of continuous content such as textbooks.

EPUB files may be directly created or converted from other formats like PDF. Opening and reading an EPUB file, e-reading software such as Apple Books for iOS devices, Google Play Books (Android), or Adobe Digital Editions (Windows and macOS) should be utilized.

Why Use an EPUB file?

EPUB eBook publishing formats offer several advantages over more common alternatives like PDF.

EPUB files are intended to be reflowable, making reading on devices with different screen sizes effortless and providing long-form reading content like novels or textbooks in EPUB form seamlessly and comfortably. EPUB is the ideal format for long-form reading content like novels or textbooks.

EPUB files offer greater accessibility than PDFs, supporting features like text-to-speech and variable font size for reading on multiple e-reading applications and programs.

Finally, ePUB files are significantly lighter than PDFs and take up less space on your device when reading multiple ebooks simultaneously – an invaluable advantage if you regularly consume many ebooks.

How can I create an EPUB file?

An ePUB file can be easily created using a text editor and HTML files; advanced tools like Sigil or Calibre may offer more assistance.

Zamzar offers a free online tool to quickly convert PDF documents to ePUBs, making conversion much faster than manual processes.

Once downloaded, an ePUB file can be read on a computer using Adobe Digital Editions or directly onto an e-reading device like Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

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