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An all-published book, regardless of appearance or original intention, refers to any volume or series that did not continue after being released for sale.

People use “all published” to refer to any collection of works released by one author or multiple authors gathered into one volume or format and occasionally to any work released within a specific genre or category.

“All published” refers to an author’s complete works and generally encompasses every published book, story, essay, poem, or other work they have released into the world – whether in book form, audiobook format, or film form. When used this way, everything an author has made available for public consumption is included under their “all published” designation.

Additionally, “All Published” refers to collections of works from multiple authors that includes all their published works; for instance, a book billed as “All Published Works of Shakespeare” would feature all his plays, sonnets, and other writings, though, in some instances, this term may refer to all published plays by Shakespeare compiled in a particular format.

“All published” can also describe an expansive work released within a genre or category. For example, a book labeled as an anthology of science fiction would contain every novel released within this genre regardless of author. By designating itself “all published,” this body of work is a comprehensive collection of everything released within that genre or category.

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