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The term “copy” has various meanings, particularly in the printing industry. In this context, copy refers to the text and images that constitute the content of a printed piece. This encompasses flyers, brochures, magazines, and books. The copy is what imparts purpose and significance to these printed materials.

Copy can fall into two categories: original or previously published. The original copy is tailored for the specific printed piece it will appear in – be it a fresh slogan or an exclusive storyline created specifically for that project. On the other hand, previously published copy consists of text or images sourced from elsewhere and reused in the new work – this could encompass articles from magazines or pictures taken from websites.

The role of copy in a printed piece should not be underestimated due to several reasons:

  1. It determines what the piece is about and its underlying purpose.
  2. Well-crafted copy engages readers and entices them to delve further into its contents.
  3. Persuasive copy sells itself to readers by urging them to take action as prompted.

When crafting copy for a printed piece, certain considerations come into play: firstly, clarity and conciseness are paramount; one should eschew excessive cleverness while grasping the main points directly. Secondly, engaging and interesting language should be employed: writing that captivates readers’ attention compels them to desire more information eagerly. Lastly but just as importantly, persuasion must be skillfully incorporated within the presented text, whether coaxing readers towards purchasing products/services or merely encouraging knowledge acquisition on discussed topics.

Copy plays a crucial role in the printing process, serving multiple purposes. Firstly, it provides the very essence of the printed material – the text that conveys its message. Without a copy, there would be no substance to deliver. Secondly, through strategic layout and design choices, copy can add visual intrigue and captivate readers. Different fonts, sizes, and colors can be employed to achieve an attractive and visually appealing print piece. Lastly, by utilizing persuasive language such as “act now” or “limited time offer,” copy can generate urgency or highlight importance. It motivates readers to take prompt action.

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