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To create an eBook, you need to save your document as ‘MOBI’ file (Mobile optimized file). This is the format that is specifically used for Kindle and other e-readers. It’s a closed format that Amazon developed, which is based on the already-existing Mobipocket standard.

MOBI files can be derived from HTML, PDF, and many other sources of digital documents. But they’re also available from online vendors like Amazon.com.

As soon as you have downloaded a MOBI file to your Kindle (or another eReader), the file will look to the device just like an ordinary book. It appears as readable text that can be navigated with built-in mobile device controls.

MOBI Files are used for normal books and other digital publications like comics, newspapers, and mags. For this reason, the format is perfect to be used as an online library.

MOBI files can be accessed through various methods. Your Kindle device has a built-in MOBI reader, and you can find several free/paid options to view MOBI books on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, or Mac.

An added benefit of consuming a mobi in an e-reader (in contrast to a smartphone or computer screen) is that it’s significantly more pleasant. The typeface is plain and straightforward, and flipping the pages requires just a click of a finger or a swipe on the screen. They’re also significantly lighter, making them easy to bring everywhere, unlike most laptops or tablets.

Mobi Format is critical for eBooks to be accessible everywhere and on every device in digital libraries. Users can use mobile to read books on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, mobi gives a consistent UI on every gadget, which means that the general population utilizing the Library needs the capacity to peruse their eBook everywhere they go.

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