What Does Realistic Fiction Mean? A Detailed Explanation

Realistic fiction is a branch of literature. Here, the writer is allowed to wow the readers with his or her creative, imaginative ability. The writer takes his readers in-depth to another world. As expected, he creates peoples, gives lives, gives families and puts the characters in difficult situations or challenges, and gives ideas on how […]

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12 Free Christian Books You Can Download Right Now

There are thousands of Christian books published every year in topics ranging from fiction to in-depth theological issues. Out of all of these great books a small number of the authors have chosen to make the digital version of their Christian book available for free in order to give everyone a chance to hear their message. An even rarer number of authors have decided to take it one step further and completely front the expense to actually send you a physical printed book. Below is a list of free christian paperback books where the author is willing to send you a free book as well as pay for shipping.

What Is A Fictional Narrative? Read The Best Answer 

What does a fictional narrative mean? That’s the question. As a writer, you have to know what type of story you’re writing. You have to do this because your audience already knows the general format of their preferred novel. So, don’t just start writing without figuring this out. The point behind writing a story is […]

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Light Novel Versus Novel: What You Need To Understand

A lot of people know about novels. But when you talk about light novels, many might be wondering if it is the same novel they know. If you wonder what a light novel is or whether it’s different from a regular novel, you’re not alone. But after reading this post, you’ll have an in-depth understanding. […]


Is Nonfiction Hyphenated? This Is What You Should Know

Sometimes, you’ll find the word “nonfiction” written without the hyphen. But when you pick up another book to read, you find “non-fiction” and this time with the hyphen. Now you’re wondering which of them is most accurate to use. Is nonfiction hyphenated or not? Well, you’re not alone. Keep in mind that hyphen or no […]