How Many Pages Is 2500 Words? And How To Gain Popularity As A Writer

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by CJ McDaniel // July 12  

Word count is a simple calculation you can do even before writing. But most authors neglect it. They write continuously, pouring out all the ideas in their head until they reach the target word count.

Well, keeping tabs on word count while writing can make writing tiring. It could even make a writer appear lazy. Imagine if you have a book of over 70,000 words and plan to write 2500 words daily, and after spending a few hours, you still haven’t hit your daily target.

Of course, that would leave any writer frustrated. So, if you’re anything like what I just mentioned, stop the habit of paying attention to word count when writing. Instead, determine how many pages would produce the target words and get to work.

Alright, let’s approach the question.

How many pages is 2500 words?

Now, here’s something you need to know. Your font choice, margin, and font size counts. These factors will determine how many pages would give you 2500 words. 

Let’s assume you’re using the basic margin, font type is Arial or Times New Roman, and font size is 12. In this case, 2500 words would give you 5 pages and 10 pages, single and doubled-spaced, respectively.

So, that’s the answer to the question. However, we have other tips that could prove valuable to your writing career. It doesn’t matter if you’re an author or a ghostwriter. Keep reading!

How To Gain Recognition As An Author/Writer

The need for writers, and yes, good quality ones, has never been greater, thanks to technological advancement.

We’re in the digital age where, at the push of the button, people are already on the internet, shopping for their next book, product or seeking answers to a mind-boggling question.

So, businesses would need more quality content to keep their blogs relevant. And that means the demand for writers is likely going to skyrocket.

Authors also have a massive job on their hands. Why? Easy access to books and reading on the go would drive up the hunger for knowledge. By the way, you have already seen how finding and reading books in softcopies are somewhat easy these days.

So, whether you are a ghostwriter or an author, it’s time to raise your game. You can’t claim to be a writer or an author, and the only people that know what you do are your friends and family.

If you write and write well, you should be getting the recognition you desire and deserve.

Now, here’s how you can gain massive recognition as an author or writer and take your career to the next level.

Get yourself a blog:

If you claim you’re a writer and don’t have a personal blog, you’re missing out on something huge.

Blogs are universal. Meaning, having a blog can announce you to the world. And if you focus on your blog’s on-site and off-site SEO, your writing career could change forever when offers start pouring in.

You could rank on the first page on Google and other search engines. And when you do, finding you won’t be so difficult for clients.

Having a blog also helps you to build your reputation and gain credibility as a writer. It will also make it super easy for potential clients to gauge your writing skills and know whether to contact you or not.

So, get started today. It doesn’t matter if you have been writing for one or more years. By starting a blog, you can gain needed recognition and take your writing career to the next level.

A Handy Tip: Your blog doesn’t have to be too flashy. But then, it has to look professional and project you as someone who has keen eyes for detail.

Furthermore, if you’re an author, please think twice before creating an author blog. Why? Managing a blog is time-consuming. Thus, it could sap the time and energy you’re supposed to dedicate to creating your books.

However, if you’re passionate about creating an author blog and feel you can manage it without your book-writing projects suffering, go ahead and create one.

Start guest posting:

Firstly, what’s guest posting? For the newbie, here’s what guest posting means. It refers to the publishing of original articles on another blog. In return for your hard work in drafting the article, the blog owner or administrator may add a link to your blog.

Guest posting is great for several reasons. First, if you have a blog, it can help to boost your ranking. On the other hand, a guest post showcases you to a new audience. It will enable potential clients to see your writing style and contact you if interested.

A Handy Tip: If you want to publish a guest post, first establish contact with the blog. Additionally, conduct research to be sure that what you plan on writing isn’t already on the blog. After that, you can send in your pitch.

But keep in mind that some blogs request a fee to accept guest posts. But there are still free ones out there. So, if you plan to invest your money and time, taking advantage of the paid guest post would be worthwhile.

Take advantage of social media:

Are you a ghostwriter? Or perhaps, you’re a freelance writer that enjoys writing articles. It doesn’t matter. Social media can be a valuable tool for authors and ghostwriters to showcase their skills.

In addition to showcasing your skills, social media can help you to gain the recognition you deserve. After publishing articles on your blog, you can share the links on your social media account.

Additionally, suppose you’re selling your EBook online on Amazon’s KDP, Smashwords, Apple’s iBook Author, Kobo Writing Life, and others. In that case, you can share a link to your book on your social media account.

When you do, people can visit your EBook online or your blog via your link. And interestingly, they can even share your links and get more traffic to your blog or online book store.

So, consider taking advantage of social media. Don’t forget that social media has become part and parcel of our lives. Most people can’t start or end their day without checking their social media account. That’s how important these platforms are.

The report also shows that Facebook currently has over 2.85 billion active users. Other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and so on are growing fast too.

A Handy Tip: Your social media profile should indicate that you’re a writer and a true professional. So, please, don’t post random things there. Only post articles on your niche or ideas relevant to your book.

If you’re an author, you can even use a line from your book and reference the book at the end of the post.

Decorate your website with testimonials:

If you think testimonials aren’t vital, think again! Testimonials can prove helpful when you land a client. They help to answer critical questions the clients may have in mind.

These include questions like; can you meet a deadline? Do you pay attention to details? Do you boast the ability to work under pressure? Are you that easy to work with? How have other clients responded to your work?

So, if you’re a ghostwriter, try to get some testimonials on your blog. If you have had deals with clients who have good things to say about you, contact them to leave testimonials on your blog.

On the other hand, if you’re an author, remember that the quality of your book matters a great deal. It will determine the quality of the review you’ll get from real buyers.

If anyone planning to purchase your book sees great reviews from those who have read your book, they might not hesitate to splash the cash.

So, produce quality books. Think thoroughly about your ideas, and edit ruthlessly before publishing your book.

Finally, don’t forget to use a top-notch book cover. It can convince potential buyers to check out your book. Using a good quality cover will cause your book to stand out among others on the shelf.


So, how many pages is 2500 words? From the above answer, you’ll have 5 pages and 10 pages for single and double-spaced, respectively.

However, being a successful author or ghostwriter comes with a lot of hard work. As an author, you can’t write a book, publish it and expect the world to know about it. Instead, make the world know you and your book. Build recognition by promoting your book.

Ghostwriters also have a similar responsibility. You can’t claim to be a writer and expect clients in need of your skills to be waiting for you. You have to make it easier for them to find you. Announce yourself to the world in the most appealing way. Take advantage of social media and other tips shared on this post regarding that.

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