How Many Pages Is 3000 Words: Tips For Effective Book Marketing 

how many pages is 3000
by CJ McDaniel // July 24  

Between a good and great book, which would you choose? Anyone would settle for great books. Why? They would be more interesting to read.

However, producing a great book won’t translate into success. What brings success is your marketing strategy. If people don’t get to know your book, how would they develop interests or purchase it?

So, in this post, we’ll discuss tips on how to market a book effectively. But first, let’s find the answer to a mind-boggling question.

Imagine having the capacity to write 3000 words off the book you’re working on, daily. In no time, you can finish tons of books. Plus, you won’t even feel stressed, as a result.

Nevertheless, most people prefer counting the number of pages as opposed to counting the words. So, this leaves us with a very interesting question.

How many pages is 3000 words?

Most writers’ preferred fonts are Arial and Times New Roman. These are cute fonts, which can make your writing appear neater. 

So, let’s assume you’re using Times New Roman and Arial, and font size is 12 while margin is basic. In this case, a 3000-word count would produce 6 and 12 pages (single and double-spaced, respectively). 

That’s the answer to the question. In addition, this post discusses how authors can market their books effectively. Keep reading!

How To Effectively Market A Book

If you think getting a publishing deal would exempt you from the marketing side of your book, think again! Keep in mind that the publishing industry has changed. Now, authors have to put in the work – to write and market their books.

Most budding authors might equate an author with a publishing deal to one that doesn’t have because of this. But it doesn’t change anything. Besides, book marketing is now a breeze, given the vast resources available.

You can market your book globally without leaving your house or office. And the best part is, you don’t even have to break the bank. Additionally, book marketing isn’t difficult to understand. The techniques and processes involved are quite easy.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to market a book, we urge you to read this post from start to finish. Check out the following tips.

Take your new book from good to wow:

It takes serious commitment to make a good book great. But the interesting part is that it’s doable. You can take a book from good to great.

The competition in the book publishing industry is fierce. Thus, authors that fail to deliver quality get pushed down the ladder.

So, if you’re an author, your aspirations and desires should be to make your books great. If you can muster the courage and creativity to deliver a great book, one that will wow your readers, you’ll have a wonderful career.

Additionally, it’s important to remain consistent. You can’t deliver a great book this year and experience a drop in quality the year after. If you do, you might lose your relevance in the industry.

So, make sure you do all you need to do to make your book great. Remember, you can only market a great book with confidence.

If your book is top-notch, it will rake in more good reviews, which will propel your book to great heights.

Create your brand:

Authors also need to find a way of creating a brand for themselves. Don’t just throw your book out there.

However, brand creation is essential when you’re about to publish your book. So, please don’t start thinking about it when you haven’t even written your book’s last chapter.

Now, what makes brand creation a crucial part of the book-marketing process? It helps authors to forge a strong bond with their audiences.

Your readers want to learn more about you before even reading your book. They want to know who you are, the nature of the books you enjoy reading, things you have achieved besides book-writing and many more.

So, it’s a lot. And the interesting part is, when you succeed in creating your brand, you would have the power to control the things your readers hear and see about you.

Get yourself a professional-looking website:

Do authors need a website? Yes, they do. But please, only create a website if you have the time and resources to maintain it.

A website is a life-long investment. So, once you create one, you have to be ready to put in the work to sustain it.

Why is a website crucial? If you have an interest in having a brand persona, a website is essential. It will serve as your online home.

If any reader or promoter wants to learn about you, they can visit your website and read about you. They don’t need to wait to hear from you. In addition, you can even create a store section on your website to display your books.

However, your website needs to have the right information. Let’s break the tips down.

  • Author bio: Write a killer author bio that can turn your readers’ heads. It should be concise and show the readers why they should trust you. An author bio isn’t difficult to write. But please, if you can’t deliver a killer one, let a professional bio writer help you with that.
  • Photo: If you think there’s no big deal about the quality of the photo you have on your website, you’re wrong. Your photo can impact how the readers view you. So, please don’t publish a photo whose image is blurring. Let an editor work on the image and make it look professional.
  • Your book’s excerpt: A killer excerpt should be a top priority for you. It shouldn’t only showcase how unique your writing style is but let your readers know what they’ll be getting if they choose to read the entire book. Let them experience tension, and make the excerpt interesting. Let your readers want more after consuming the excerpt.
  • A link to each book:  This link should link the readers to where they can purchase your book. And please, try to make the link a bit obvious. You don’t want your visitors to miss your link.
  • A means to reach you: How can potential clients reach you? Provide active contact information. It could be your phone number, email, and so on.
  • Your social media link: You still need to make provision for your audience to reach you with ease.

A Handy Tip: Your website doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Try to get all the information into one page.

Build a launch team:

Marketing can be tedious and time-consuming. Sometimes, you may not be able to achieve much alone.

Having a launch team can help you reach a large audience. If you can reach a thousand potential readers, a team of a hundred persons can deliver a hundred thousand potential readers.

So, the bottom line is, if you have a larger team, you can target a larger audience. Now, consider starting a team. Your team could comprise your friends, neighbors, social media friends, those in your email list, and so on.

Have a blueprint for your marketing plan. Additionally, you can hire a professional to help create an incredible plan for your book marketing campaign.

A Handy Tip: An audience involves people with a keen interest in your book, in you, and the product you have to offer.

Offer detailed book review on YouTube:

If you haven’t done a video review before, don’t panic! It’s not as difficult as you think. But remember to ensure it is a top-notch review, or don’t even bother creating one.

In your book review, try to capture the book’s title and author. Additionally, endeavor to make it short and precise.

You can also contact a book reviewer to help with your book’s review. But keep in mind that it’s going to cost you some money.

Try paid advertising:

Marketing involves making your book known to a wider audience. We have already defined what an audience is. Your audience includes people who have great interest in your work or you, personally.

The paid advert, as the name implies, involves money. The cost varies according to the platform you choose. It should interest you to know that many authors leverage the wide reach of a paid advert to market their books.

So, if you have the means, try to market your book via the paid advert. Examples of platforms that offer this service are as follows:

  • BargainBooksy
  • Freebooksy
  • BookBub Featured Deals
  • Amazon Ads
  • Facebook Ads and other pay-per-click ads

Again, as a newbie, have in mind that it might take some time for you to understand how to run paid adverts successfully. As a result, you might waste a couple of funds along the line. Nevertheless, don’t stop trying.

The good thing is that when you understand how paid adverts work and how to run them successfully, book marketing will become a piece of cake for you.

Give free access to your new book:

If you’re a new author, you have to work hard to get noticed. One of the tested and effective strategies to announce yourself on platforms like Amazon is to make your book free. But, hey! Don’t panic. We know you’re thinking about how you will recoup your investment if you make your book free.

Well, that isn’t a problem. You can make your book free for a while. When you get up to 20 or more reviews (depending on the limit you have in mind), then you can start charging for it.

The truth is, readers may not want to try out a book that doesn’t have a review. So, try to let your book gather some reviews. And hope they’re positive reviews.


We hope you now understand how many pages you can get from 3000 words. We also didn’t stop there. We shared details on how to market a book. If you’re a budding author, remember that marketing is a top priority. If you can understand how to go about it, you’ll never regret becoming an author or writing a book.

This post explains how you can market your book, in addition to how to calculate word count. You can read and put the tips shared on this post to practice.

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