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A trade edition is a book that is published for sale to the general public through bookstores and other retail outlets. Trade editions are usually mass-produced in large quantities and are less expensive than limited editions, which are produced in smaller quantities and are often sold directly by the author or publisher.

Trade editions often have a lower quality than limited editions, with less attention paid to the printing, binding, and paper used. They are typically less collectible than limited editions and are not signed or numbered by the author.

The purpose of a trade edition is to make a book widely available to the general public. This is in contrast to a limited edition, which is published in a small, numbered run for collectors or a first edition, which is published for critics and academics. Trade editions are usually widely available through bookstores and online retailers, while limited editions and first editions are often only available through the publisher or a small number of specialty retailers.

While trade editions are the most common type of book found in stores, there are also other types of editions, such as review copies, galleys, and advance reader copies (ARCs). Review copies are sent to reviewers, such as those who work for newspapers, magazines, or websites, in order to generate publicity for a book. Galleys are early versions of a book that are sent to reviewers, booksellers, and librarians in order to generate interest in the book before it is published. Advance reader copies are sent to reviewers and others in order to generate interest and excitement for a book before it is published.

The Trade Edition is the most popular and affordable type of book available. It is usually released by the publisher at the same time as the hardcover edition and often has the same ISBN. The main difference between the two editions is that the Trade Edition is bound in a cheaper way and is usually printed on lower quality paper. Nevertheless, the Trade Edition is the most commonly sold type of book.

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