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An edition is a print run of a book, meaning the total number of copies of a book that are printed at one time. The word edition is also used to refer to all the copies of a book that are printed from the same setting of type and the same plates. In other words, an edition is a group of identical books.

Editions are usually identified by a number or a letter following the word edition on the title page of the book. The first edition of a book is the edition that is printed from the original setting of type and plates. A second edition is a new printing of a book that includes corrections of errors that were found in the first edition. A third edition is a new printing of a book that includes changes or additions that have been made to the text since the second edition was printed.

After the third edition, a book is usually not reprinted unless it becomes very popular or goes out of print and then becomes popular again. In such cases, a new printing of the book is called a reprint. If the changes or additions to the text are significant, the reprint is called a revised edition.

The importance of edition as it pertains to printing cannot be understated. By ensuring that each copy of a print is identical, editioning guarantees the value and collectability of the print. Furthermore, by limiting the number of copies in an edition, the artist can control the secondary market price of their work, which is essential to their livelihood.

In the printing industry, edition is used to describe the number of copies of a book or other publication that are printed at one time. It is also used as a measure of how many times a particular work has been reprinted. A work that has been reprinted multiple times is said to have gone through multiple editions.

The term edition is also used to describe the different versions of a book that are published. For example, a book might be published in a hardcover edition, a paperback edition, and an electronic edition. Each of these editions would have a different ISBN.

Edition can also refer to the quality of a book. A book that is published in a deluxe edition is usually of higher quality than a book that is published in a standard edition.

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